Past Taos Event: VOL 10

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VOL 10

August 11, 2013
@ Taos Mesa Brewing

Volume 10 - THE FOOD EDITION. Billed the largest even to date with 19 presentations, Pecha Kucha Taos will be taking the stage for the first time at the Taos Mesa Brewing (20 ABC Mesa Rd, Taos) on Sunday, August 11th at 5:00 PM. Doors open at 3:30 PM with preshow drinks, music and a special one-night-only Pecha Kucha Night local foodies buffet dinner. Tickets are $7 for entry or $20 for entry and local buffet (offered in two seatings, 4:00 PM and 6:30PM). This will be a great family weekend event with community presentations, food demonstrations, samples and local food!

Volume 10 is a themed event, with all presentations being around the topic of FOOD! Nearly every aspect of the all-important topic will be addressed from our very own community members including: artists, photographers, farmers, authors, cooks, butchers, activists and educators. Doors open at 3:30 PM. The local foodies dinner buffet will have a first seating at 4:00 PM for those with dinner tickets. Act 1 begins at 5:00 PM. The intermission beings at 6:30 PM and will include food demonstrations, booths and samplings as well as the second seating for the local foodies dinner buffet. Act II begins at 7:45 PM. Volume 10 will feature entertainment by DJ Oliver. Locally brewed beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be available all night long.

The scheduled presentations include:


Mandy Stapleford, Artist and Entrepreneur ”Art to Food: A Progressive Elaboration”
Paul Cross, Farmer/Owner Charybda Farms. “Food Worth Eating: 16 Years Organic Farming in Taos”
Melanie Kirby, Zia Queenbee Company, "Angels of Agriculture: How Pollinators Feed the World"
Anita Mckeown, LEAP/NeoRio Artist-in-Residence, “The Ice Cream Olympics, 2013”
Annette Gano, Essential Oil Specialist, "Cooking with Essential Oils"
Vicki Pozzebon, Chief Foodie, Delicious New Mexico, "The Cost of a Fry"
Jenny Kostecki-Shaw and Patrick Shaw, Author and Illustrator, “Chai Pilgrimage”
L.E.  Bender,  Cook, “Roots of New Mexican Cooking”|
Rachel Preston Prinz, Chief Visionary Officer, Archinia, "Epicurus, Photographer"
Nicolas Schmitt, Taos Gold Apricot, “Fruit to Nourish New Mexico”

Julie Schochet LM, CPM, Beyond Birth, “Placenta Encapsulation: Personal Medicine for the Immediate  
            Postpartum Period”
Bonnie Lee Black, Author, "How to Cook a Crocodile"
Lucas Salazar, Salazar Natural Meats, “From Vegan to Butcher”
Meibao Nee , Proprietor of Taos Organic Bed and Breakfast, "One Milk Goat"
Darien Fernandez, Chief Moderator,, "Food and Social Media: Breaking Bread
            With the World"
Keith McHenry, Co-founder of the Food Not Bombs movement, “Smashing Hunger and Squashing
            Capitalism for 30 Years Cooking Demonstration”
Kelly Igoe , “SPAM: Surviving Parental Apathy and Malnutrition”
Miguel Antonio Santistevan, Executive Director Agriculture Implementation Research & Education "Food is Your Place at Earth's Table"

As these events tend to sell out, the purchasing of tickets in advance is highly recommended. Tickets are $7 for entry or $20 for entry and local buffet (offered in two seatings, 4:00 PM and 6:30PM). Tickets can be purchased in advance for cash at the following locations: 

            -La Bodega Fresca, 102 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte (575-758-1484)
            -FX-18, 103 Bent Street, Suite C (575-758-8590)
            -Taos Mesa Brewing, 20 ABC Mesa Rd (575-758-1900)

Support has been given by the following local businesses: Casa Gallina – An Artisan Inn, Matt’s Gluten Free, Glen Pike of It’s Happening in Taos, and Taos Mesa Brewing

Pecha Kucha Night Taos took place three times in 2012 and is back with our second event of 2013. One more event is planned for the fall. Pecha Kucha Night Taos will be having a ‘themed’ event every summer. 2012 included the “Remarkable Women of Taos Edition.” The theme for 2014 will be announced early next year.

For more information on Pecha Kucha Night Taos, contact J. Matthew Thomas at (575) 613-0601 or; or visit or Taos Mesa Brewing, 20 ABC Mesa Rd, Taos, New Mexico (575) 758-1900)

Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw
children's book author & illustrator in TAOS
Paul Cross
Charybda Farms in TAOS
Melanie Kirby
Zia Queen Bees in TAOS
Anita Mckeown
LEAP/NeoRio Artist-in-Residence in TAOS
Annette Gano
Essential Oil Specialist in TAOS
Vicki Pozzebon
Delicious New Mexico in Albuquerque
L. E. Bender
Cook in TAOS
Rachel Preston Prinz
Designer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. Dot Connector., Founder of Archinia + Architecture for EveryBody in Santa Fe
Nicholas Schmitt
Taos Gold Apricot in TAOS
Julie Schochet
Beyond Birth in TAOS
Bonnie Lee Black
Author in TAOS
Lucas Salazar
Salazar Farms
Meibao Nee
Taos Organic Bed and Breakfast
Darien Fernandez in Taos
Keith McHenry
Food Not Bombs