Past Taipei Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

June 30, 2018
@ xuexue institute

PechaKucha Night Vol.37: TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE

What type of traveler are you?

All in the name of Travel, we walk through different corners of streets, islands and even the entire globe, and leave behind our trails of existence.  No matter if we are just roaming aimlessly or rushing during our destinations, what catches our attention is based on our own preferences or habits.  Therefore, the way we travel and the route of our journeys thus is reflected in the facades of our life.

 What we fall in love with during our travels, those precious moment only belongs to ourselves when we travel. We easily reminiscence with the unique inspirations and memories that come along with every single trip.  We believe that each profession or job is a reflection of our own life.

PechaKucha Taipei has invited various Creatives, TasteMakers and TrendSetters from different fields to the PechaKucha Night... let’s learn from their interesting and unique travel experiences that form their different occupations and life experiences.

We will also learn what kind of special and inspirational moments they have learned from this trip called LIFE, and how those moments formed their own ways to travel and live along the way.

 Come join the PechaKucha Night Taipei on June 30th Saturday, and let’s retrace their steps to understand what’s their definition and meaning of “Travelling”  is via PKN’s 20 x 20 presentations.

| Host | Tung-Lung Wu – Writer, Creative Traveler who’s learning “Design”

| Presenters |

  • Chi Lee - Botanical & Space Artist 
  • Alan Hsia – Experience Creator, theLOOP, Co-Founder
  • Ada Yang – Artist & Art Curator
  • Miki Chang – Photographer
  • Yu Lee – Founder of Fashion Blog “Yutopia”, Chief Editor of Wazaiii
  • Riki Ueda – Travel Writer
  • Hally Chen – Designer and Columnist
  • Raven Chen –Chief Editor of Fashion Media “Heaven Raven”
  • Nat Niu – Contemporary Artist
  • Tun-Wei Hsiang – Photographer & Aritst


| PechaKucha Night Vol.37  Taipei |

Date & Time: 2018/06/30 Sat. 20:00-22:30

Location: XUE XUE

Ticket Price: Pre-sale price NT$330,At-door price NT$400(The above price has included NT$30 for the PechaKucha Global Fund)

Registration link:


| Event Rundown |


19:20 Doors open, cocktails

20:00 Event starts

20:20-21:10 First half of PKN

21:10-21:30 Break

21:30-22:10 Second half of PKN

22:10-22:30 Mingle & Network, Socialize!


Destination|Xue Xue

Sponsors|Aesop, KOR, La Vie, Shopping Design, Tossware, Uber, Fly Sim Card

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botanical, art, architecture and ultramarathon

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 30, 2018


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Learning from the unexpected travel moment

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 30, 2018

Hally Chen的美食之旅,除了驚奇滋味,還添加了人生的五味雜陳。在他的分享中,我們意外發現義大利人糖度破表的espresso、咖啡是地雷選項的梵谷星空咖啡館。而Hally也許在泰國學會烹調那犒賞味蕾的酸辣味,卻是在京都咖啡店的一期一會裡,嘗到人生最深奧的無常。

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Seeing the World Through Art

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 30, 2018


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