PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 - To Travel is to Live!

With well over 350 Guests and Presenters and their friends and familly in attendence, PechaKucha Night Taipei Vol. 37 was a great night of facinating stories/slides, networking and craft cocktails. With Sponsorship support/giveaways from Aesop, Tossware, Shopping Design Magazine, La Vie Magazine, Fly Sim Cards, and Uber...and drinks provided by KOR Taipei. PKN Taipei  Vol. 37 was one of our biggest turnouts in recent years!  Stayed tuned for our next PKN night at XueXue on Sept. 22nd Saturday!


| Host | Tung-Lung Wu – Writer, Creative Traveler who’s learning “Design”

| Presenters |

Chi Lee - Botanical & Space Artist
Alan Hsia – Experience Creator, theLOOP, Co-Founder
Ada Yang – Artist & Art Curator
Miki Chang – Photographer
Yu Lee – Founder of Fashion Blog “Yutopia”, Chief Editor of Wazaiii
Riki Ueda – Travel Writer
Hally Chen – Designer and Columnist
Raven Chen –Chief Editor of Fashion Media “Heaven Raven”
Nat Niu – Contemporary Artist
Tun-Wei Hsiang – Photographer & Artist


PechaKucha Night Vol.37 Saturday, June 30th, 7:30pm


PechaKucha Night Vol.37: TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE

What type of "Traveler" are you?

All in the name of Travel, we walk through different corners of streets, countrysides and even all across the globe, and leave behind our trails of existence. No matter if we are just roaming aimlessly or rushing during our destinations, what catches our attention is based on our own preferences or habits.

Therefore, the way we travel and the route of our journeys thus is reflected in the facades of our life. What we fall in love with during our travels, those precious moment only belongs to ourselves when we travel. We easily reminiscence with the unique inspirations and memories that come along with every single trip. in turn, believe that each profession or passion is a reflection of our own life...