Past Surrey Event: VOL 1

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October 16, 2014
@ Centre Stage at Surrey City Hall

Learn more about local and international Public Art.

Miriam Blume who will speak about the Vancouver, Biennale
Peggy Kendellen from City of Portland, Oregon's Public Art Program
Cath Brunner who will be speaking about the 4Culture Public Art Program projects throughout Washington
Laura Becker and Kelly Pajek from the City of Seattle Public Art Program
Lori Phillip will speak about projects created as part of the North Vancouver City and District Public Program
Karen Henry will speak about projects of the Vancouver Public Art Program
Eric Fiss will speak about the City of Richmond's Public Art Program
Barbara Cole and Vanessa Kwan will speak about the Other Sights for Artists' Projects in Vancouver
Diana Freundl will speak about the Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite Program
Karen Bubb will speak about Copenhagen's "Little Mermaid" sculpture
Bryan Lemos Beca and Steve DiPasquale will speak about their project for Surrey Urban Screen. 

Miriam Blume
Director of Marketing, Vancouver Biennale in Vancouver