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Tim Nixon

Founder, Paza in Sunshine Coast

Music to the World - the Paza project!


With the project Paza, Tim Nixon aims to help financially and technologically marginalised musicians gain access to global music markets, make sales and get paid. Paza was born out of a desire to help his friend Daniel, a musician in Nairobi, who was sending Tim tracks to play on his weekly radio show, but was not capitalising financially from the amazing music he was making. Daniel was unable to setup the necessary structures to moneytise his music and so four year journey to solve Daniel’s problem began.  Paza is the result.

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Music & Wine Conversation

@ VOL 7 ON DEC 17, 2013

Renaud Combes discusses the realtionship between "Music and Wine" and how they resonate well with each other. He describes it as not really being a project or his original thought, but something he felt like exploring. Nevertheless, listen as he talks about this relationship in the context of social, structural, physiological and historical discourses. (in French) 



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Music // Cultural Provocateur

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 23, 2014

Intan tells her story as she pursued her passion in music through various medium and journey. From a simple chat exchanging music knowledge #bincangminggu via Twitter, built awareness on music history & preservation through #sahabatlokananta movement, opened music/art store 'Substore', and embracing the cultural sense of music from the eastern part of Indonesia with

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Music makes the world go round

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 20, 2015

A journalist and former artist Ingerlise takes us through her story of leaving journalism to return to her passion: music.

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Halifax Music Co-op

@ VOL 20 ON JUN 17, 2016

“We are here to knock down the barriers between music, education and people.”

In Halifax Music Co-op from PechaKucha Night Halifax Vol. 20, John Bogardus shares what the Halifax Music Co-op is. Bogardus is a curious and passionate conductor, and has been playing in and leading ensembles the majority of his life. In 2010, John started the program that would become the Halifax Music Co-op. Since that time, he has devoted his life to nurturing the organization and its membership as both Executive Director and Music Director of the HMC. His passion for music and musical education has grown the Halifax Music Co-op from humble beginnings to an organization of half a dozen ensembles and over 200 members.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. 

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The Power of Radio

@ VOL 16 ON SEP 01, 2016

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos Chirinos’ work explores innovation and creativity in emerging global music industries, looking at the role of music in public health, international development and social change. He has been a key consultant for radio and music projects in Europe, Africa and Japan - and most recently worked to develop Africa Stop Ebola, a global music campaign to raise awareness about Ebola in West Africa that was featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, BBC and CNN, for which he received an award from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Defense, and USAID.

Currently, Professor Chirinos collaborates with the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center, curating music performances to engage the Latin community living in New York City. He is also involved in projects in the UK, Tanzania, Cuba and other countries, looking at the role of music industries in economic development, tourism and social entrepreneurship. He also runs New York University's Music and Social Change Lab

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The Root of Music

@ VOL 10 ON APR 01, 2017

Rhythmic music became a trigger for Alexandre Wielemans who traveled all the way to Africa finding soul in their music by traveling to Bamako, Mali with his traveling companion, Finah Yusof. It was there that he realized he had to go through a quest of creating and finding the perfect instrument that would reconnect him to his deepest roots. Meanwhile, for Finah, the music she learned in Bamako was a revelation to an almost transcendent connection she had been missing.

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SPACES: A Music Project inspired by the City of Gloucester

@ VOL 1 ON MAR 28, 2018

A mid-project insight into the production processes involved in a unique music project that is bringing together groups of local musicians, singers, songwriters, technicians, film-makers and artists to record and film new original songs in the first 6 of 8 different historic buildings in the UK city of Gloucester.

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Zikra Initiative: We Exchange to Change

@ VOL 2 ON SEP 01, 2018

Rabee' Zureikat sheds the light on his initiative Zikra under the motto of (We Exchange to Change). ‬

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RE: social music project

@ VOL 32 ON JUL 10, 2019

RE: is a social music project by belived Armenian ethnic folk & jazz musician Miqayel Voskanyan. By performing experimental acoustic music at abandoned public spaces of architectural importance, Miqayel raises public awareness on the importance of preservation and further development of these places.