Past Stockholm Event: VOL 64

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VOL 64

September 25, 2018
@ HelioGT30

PechaKucha, the presentation format which started in Tokyo, Japan has become a worldwide success with over 1,500 cities producing events to showcase speakers from the creative industries.

In Stockholm, the event rights belong to Svensk Form and New Zealand born Leigh Fitzjames.

The 64th event will take place at Helio, upon invitation from Head Curator Martin Tallvid.

“At Helio we believe that big ideas don’t happen in isolation, and we believe that by clashing industries and people in one place we can create an environment that sparks brilliance. A place where a chance encounter at the coffee machine or a heated workshop discussion can become the first step of something that might change the world. That’s why we love to host PechaKucha as one more chance to clash people during one amazing evening! Collaborate, learn and unlock your next big idea. Welcome to Helio.” says Tallvid.

A series of Creative Speakers will present themselves for 6 minutes and 40 seconds. 20 images get 20 seconds each - it never gets boring, only inspiring!


19:30 September 25 2018


Helio GT30Grev Turegatan 30, 114 38 Stockholm, Sweden

Drink specials at bar - (20% off) and try the PechaKucha cocktail, designed by Johan, Sweden's top Bartender (#2 in the world!)

Doors open at 7.30pm - first presenter on stage at 20.20pm sharp!


Anna-Karin Bergkvist, Designer
"Gamification for good"

Maja Magnusson, Go 2 Market for WRLDS
"Open Source is the secret sauce"

Jens Klitgaard Nelsson
"I want to do everything"
Freelance writer, screenwriter, songwriter, editor and publisher

Karl-Oskar Gustafsson, Film maker
"Dancing Cameras: choreography as a tool in documentary filmmaking"

Produced by Svensk Form ( and Leigh Fitzjames (

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