Past St Neots Event: VOL 11

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VOL 11

December 14, 2017
@ Love's Farm House

A special one-off PechaKucha, in collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council offering the chance for community organisations and charities to talk about the passion for their work using just 20 images each shown for just 20 seconds.

PechaKucha (or chitchat in Japanese) is a creative style of presenting that was created by two architects from Tokyo in 2003 who were fed up with lengthy presentations. Since then the concept has grown and PechaKucha talks now run in over 800 cities around the world bringing together people from all creative backgrounds.

PechaKucha St Neots started in 2015 and has featured a wide range of speakers from many different disciplines including science, art, design, photography, fashion, architecture, mental health and sport.

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Fantastical Cambridgeshire

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 14, 2017

Ruth Sapseed from arts organisation Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination talks about their project Fantastical Cambridgeshire which is an ambitious long-term project that will connect people of all ages, their local area, adventuring and culture.

Richard Slade
Designer in St Neots
Tracey Mowatt
Artist in St Neots
Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination CCI
Creative Organisation and Charity in Cambridge
Gayle Hall
Designer and Owner of Habbydays, Director of Craftspeed Ltd.
Danielle Bridge
Founder and CEO, ABC Life Support CIC in St Neots
Mark Hawking
Director, Switch Now CIC in St Neots
Liz Davies
Curator, St Neots Museum in St Neots