Past St Joseph Event: VOL 11

Large wide pechakucha

VOL 11

December 07, 2017
@ Box Factory for the Arts

PechaKucha Night Vol. 11 | An Artist's Palette

Doors open at 6 PM.

Cash bar.


Official Lineup:

1.      Ronnika "RJ" Williams- Black Grief: The Silent Killer

2.      Tom FreierAssembling the Past

3.      Laura Gumpper- More than meets the Eye

4.      Kristin Hosbein- The Art of the Race: An Artist’s Journey and the Race to Mackinac

5.      Brian Edlefson- Creating Faces: the Design of Emoji and Language



6.      Jim Benoit- I Am The Box!

7.      Matt Werner- Car Crash: A photo book

8.      Lea BultExploring the Unseen with Art

9.      Sekenah Tennison- The Art Of Good Relationships

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Black Grief: The Silent Killer

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Ronnika Williams is a graduate of Benton Harbor High, Western Michigan University, North Carolina Central University, and the Center for Documentary Studies program at Duke University. Ronnika is a children’s book author, nail polish enthusiast, and she will talk about what inspired her multimedia documentary project about grief in the black community.


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Assembling the Past

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Tom Freier's work could be described as 'Antique Assembled Sculptures'. Tom is known for his ability to upcycle discarded treasures. This ability to turn trash into (sometimes functional) treasures has gained him popularity in the art world. Tom has always had a passion for the “old school” way of doing things. He has spent most of this adult life in film photography, woodworking, and any medium that requires use of antique tools and machinery.


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More than meets the Eye

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

In the summer of 2013 Laura Gumpper had a once-in-a-lifetime experience living in Turkey for 2 months through the study abroad program at MSU. Since most people have a negative perception of the country as a result of what has been portrayed in the media, this speech will be a chance for all attendees to see the beauty of a country that is rich in culture and world history. 

Laura is currently an employee of Whirlpool Corporation and a proud member of the local Toastmaster International club. This event is her biggest step in her journey toward improving her public speaking, so she is very excited to be a part of Volume 11 of PechaKucha Night.

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The Art of the Race: An Artist’s Journey and the Race to Mackinac

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Kristin Hosbein is an award-winning painter with a studio at the Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI. This presentation is a behind the scenes look at the Race to Mackinac and how an artist's participation on the team of the Chicago Yacht Club Race Committee has influenced Kristin’s art. The race is 333 miles long from Chicago IL to Mackinac Island, MI and with over 300 yachts that participate each year it is one of the largest and longest freshwater yacht races in the world.

Kristin enjoys being on the water and painting plein air. She has traveled extensively, is an avid photographer, and a US Coast Guard artist. She has worked supporting the Chicago Yacht Club Race Committee for the Race to Mackinac for the past 11 years on the radio announcing the start of the race to the fleet in Chicago and acknowledging the bridge and the finish up on the island.


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Creating Faces: the Design of Emoji and Language

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Brian Edlefson is an art director, designer, and educator, helping organizations create better brand experiences for clients and customers. He has taught graphic design at the University of Notre Dame and Western Michigan University—while also managing his own design practice (named Thesis) since 2008. For the last 20+ years he has honed an understanding of typography and the design of letterforms, icons, and emoji. 

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Car Crash: A Photo Book

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Matt Werner escaped corporate America and taught college management for 8 years before returning to his family farm in Indiana. His passion is great story telling--reading, writing, listening. He has published 3 works of nonfiction and 1 photo book of old car crash scenes. When he's not farming, obsessing over old photo negatives, or imbibing local beer, he's plotting his next adventure.

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Exploring the Unseen with Art

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Lea Bult is an artist and art teacher. When she's not working on her own creative projects, she's helping others make their own. She uses a variety of media including painting, drawing and photography and likes to depict a range of subject matter with her art. Lea received her Bachelor of Fine Arts  from Kendall College of Art and Design and a Master's of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. She has worked with numerous arts organizations including Gallery Project - Detroit, the Ann Arbor Art Center, and the Greatmore Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has been the recipient of several awards including a MacDowell Fellowship.  She currently teaches drawing and painting at Southwestern Michigan College and the Krasl Art Center.

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The Art Of Good Relationships

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Sekenah Tennison stumbled into the world of personal development after reading the “Power of Positive Thinking” at the age of 12. Her worldview continued to evolve as she read other personal development books throughout her teen years. Later, through her work in government serving vulnerable populations, Sekenah developed a deep interest in understanding diversity from a historical context as a means of providing more effective service. Her presentation is an excerpt of a book she is writing, “The Closest 5: The Art of Good Relationships.


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I Am The Box!

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 07, 2017

Jim Benoit spent decades tending to all the left-brain details of the production of TV commercials. Is it any surprise he struggled mightily to access his brain’s right side in his quest to develop a creative outlet of his own?

Laura Gumpper
Engineer, Whirlpool Corporation in St Joseph, MI
Jim Benoit
in Benton Harbor
Kristin Hosbein
in Benton Harbor
Brian Edlefson
in Benton Harbor
Lea Bult
Artist / Teacher, Southwestern Michigan College, Krasl Art Center in Southwest Michigan
Sekenah Tennison
Consultant , Possibilities Network in Benton Harbor
Ronnika Williams
Content Creator, Steele Lens Inc in Benton Harbor
Matt Werner
in Union Mills
Tom Freier
Artist/Modelmaker in Benton Harbor