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Trust Your Gut

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 14, 2018

Heather Allen is a parent, teacher, maker and arts administrator.  She is slowly realizing the dream of growing up to be just like her Grandpa on a little piece of land north of St. Joseph. During the past 14 years in Central MN, she has found ways to engage with and support creative community and education efforts, kept busy raising introspective and stubborn children and made time to kayak on the rivers whenever she isn’t doing those other things

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My Father's Moustache

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 14, 2018

Aric Putman grew up in the Bay Area where he liked to play with Legos and think about Star Wars. He went to college in San Francisco where he ran track and drank coffee. Then, he traveled for a long bit and ended up in Maine where he met Laurie, who eventually allowed him to marry her. They moved to MN so he could do a Ph.D at the U. He's taught at St. John's and St. Ben's for 16 years, and, when he is not doing that, he is listening to music with his daughter Eliza or playing Xbox with his son Phin. It should be noted that never does he quilt.

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Ideas for a More Sustainable Central Minnesota

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 14, 2018

Grant Forsythe interest in sustainability began with an early appreciation for nature, an interest in clean, healthy foods, and an ever-present inkling that our present culture has much room for improving the connections we develop with the environment and each other. At the age of 20, he began traveling with the purpose of exploring alternative ways of living and learning from a variety of people with a shared interest in ecologically healthy lifestyles. He is excited to share some of the resulting insights and ideas from this pursuit. He's be sharing with us his talk "Ideas for a More Sustainable Central Minnesota."

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Finding Community in Unexpected Places

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 14, 2018

Clare Tzinski is a lifelong nomad and a self-proclaimed resident of “everywhere and nowhere." She works full time in the bar industry and spends her free time participating in local music and events throughout St Cloud and the Twin Cities. She’ll share with you her talk “Finding Community in Unexpected Places." 

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The Power of Silence

@ VOL 3 ON NOV 14, 2018

Jacob Lundy is a local drummer with a passion for learning, making connections, and drinking wine. His presentation is titled "The Power of Silence."

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Are We There Yet

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Up next is Richie Kuttner, who is a husband of 22 wonderful years and a father of three incredible kids, 66% of which are twins.  When he is not working as a Supply Chain Analyst and Team Leader for 3M Hutchinson, Richie lives life to the fullest by serving various non-profit organizations, filling his ears with all kinds of music and road-tripping across America. An experienced traveler, Richie hopes to shed light on the many benefits of traveling.

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Whatever You Do, Don't Give Up

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Jon Theis is full of passion and a little bit of something else. He's recently made a series of questionable decisions and has found himself discovering um....himself while trying to maintain his sanity as he rebuilds his identity. However, he refuses to bow in the face of adversity and is here to tell you why you shouldn't either.

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Burlesque! The Art of Tease and Beyond

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Scarlette Revolver is an entrepreneur, entertainer, educator, and body-positive enthusiast. She performs primarily as a burlesque artist; but is also an actress, fire dancer, emcee, and sideshow entertainer. Scarlette is the owner of Revolver Studios; a dance and fitness studio right here in St Cloud, where her mission is to facilitate healing and empowerment through movement that is body-positive and inclusive. She is also a mom to two awesome kids and a geriatric Chihuahua.

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Consciousness, Communication, and Care: Transforming Electoral Environments and Personal Liberation

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Justin Lewandowski has been a community organizer in central Minnesota and across the country for the last 10 years, dedicating the latter to the study and practice of deep canvassing or "long form conversations" to develop community, reduce prejudice, and building electoral power. Justin's first political campaign utilizing this emerging grassroots organizing method was with Minnesotans United for All Families in 2012, the nations first successful campaign to defeat a constitutional amendment which would have permanently banned same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

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Ties through Table-top


Nico Klein is an avid traveler, thinker and content creator. Born and raised in St. Cloud, he remains an active member of the local community. A man of limited time and unlimited interests, he currently works at Capital One as a Knowledge Manager. He shared his knowledge and involvement of the table-top gaming community in a presentation entitled "Ties through Table-top." 

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What the Hell is Drum Corps?

@ VOL 2 ON AUG 01, 2018

Andy is a St. Cloud native, Earth Science major at MSU, and member of an all-age competitive Drum and Bugle Corps based out of St. Peter, MN. What on Earth is drum corps you ask? Great question! The activity is vast, yet misunderstood and misrepresented. Andy will shed some light on the subject with his talk "What The Hell Is Drum Corps?"