Past Springfield, IL Event: VOL 21

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VOL 21

February 04, 2016
@ Hoogland Center for the Arts, Theatre 3

Join us for Volume 21! 

Doors open at 6 pm. Presentations begin at 7:20 pm. $8 admission.

Main floor seating is limited to about 160 seats.

Approximately 50 balcony seats (also $8.00) are available by preference or as an alternative when the main floor is sold out.



MARK SUSZKO/ It’s Still the Same Old Story

SUZIE SABLES DUFF/ King’s Daughters

DENNIS BRINGUET/ Springfield Power Plant Talks to Springfield Visitors

CLIFF ERWIN/ One Man’s Junk…Is Another Person’s Treasure

PAUL O’SHEA/ PKN Springfield – 5th Anniversary


JEFF REGAN/ Good Cop, Bad Cop: Training the Afghan National Police in Kandahar

SAMANTHA HUDGINS/ A Day on the Ranch

ADAM McHENRY NICHOLSON/ Contemporary Creativity

MIKE MURPHY/ How the Springfield Horseshoe Became a National Champion

Terry Jones
in Springfield, IL
Paul O'Shea
in Springfield
Mark Suszko
in Springfield
Suzie Sables Duff
in Springfield
Dennis Bringuet
in Springfield
Cliff Erwin
in Springfield
Jeff Regan
in Springfield
Samantha Hudgins
in Springfield
Mike Murphy
in Springfield