Past Springfield, IL Event: VOL 17

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VOL 17

November 06, 2014
@ Hoogland Center for the Arts, Theatre 3

Join us for Volume 17! 

Doors open at 6 pm. Presentations begin at 7:20 pm. $8 admission.

Click here to buy tickets.

Main floor seating is limited to about 175 seats.

Approximately 40 balcony seats (also $8.00) are available by preference or as an alternative when the main floor is sold out.




Kari Bedford

Dennis Bringuet

Mark DePue

Charlyn Fargo

Allen Griffy

Kathryn Harris

Christian McWhirter

Marianne Stremsterfer

Rachel Thomson

E.A.T.I.T. Improv Group



Food Menu:

Three Braised Pork Barbacoa Tacos with Corn and Black Bean Relish -- $5.00

Pulled Chicken BBQ on Kaiser Roll --$4.50

Grilled ¼ All-Beef Hot Dog -- $3.00

Mediterranean Hummus Plate with Pita Crisps, Olives and Feta -- $4.50

Housemade Kettle Chips -- $1.50    

Fresh Cut Fruit Salad with Fresh Mint -- $1.50    

Hand Cut Cole Slaw -- $1.50

Assorted Fresh Made Tortilla Crisps with Garden Tomato Salsa -- $2.50

Two Fresh Baked Cookies-- $1.50 

Assorted Packaged Snacks -- $1.00

Assorted Candy Bars -- $1.00

No presenters have been added to this event.