Past Sofia Event: VOL 10

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VOL 10

November 14, 2013
@ National Theatre "Ivan Vazov", Stage on the IV-th floor

The journey to the theatre art is one of those "wandering" that leave the deepest sense of understanding and content. And the journey has so many untold stories that hide and in the same time share the meanings of our emotions.

In this Pecha Kucha Night Sofia a jubilee edition for the city  incredible stories of:

Darin Angelov (actor) - undescribable emotion to be inlove with the theater.

Ovanes Torosian (actor and director) - The challenges of the stage and sharing all those small-big emotions

Ivo Arakov (actor) - how the feeling of the theatrical happening is changing?

Alexandra Vassileva (actress) - "Bremen freedom" or what is to rehearse with nine men?

Ivan Jurukov (actor) - The sense of entering into the character

Stephan A. Shterev (actor) - The scene as a place for the senses and emotion

The group of contemporary German theater "LIGNA" - the new man in non-theatre space

Assen Avramov (composer) - pulsating person in and of theater music

Mila Iskrenova (choreographer) - The combination of body and how is read in the image through theatrical choreography.

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