PKN Sevilla Vol. 12 Presentations Small changes in our lifestyle can have a rather large impact on energy consumption. In "Human Habitat: The Evolution of Efficiency" (from PKN Bozeman Vol. 2), Chris Dorsi goes through the KWH usage of various countries, to illustrate our energy-heavy habits and raise awareness. How important are politics to you? In "All Colors Together" (in Portuguese, from PKN Curitiba Vol. 1), Renan Molin hopes to show everyone how important it is to participate in the world of politics, and uses the Obama campaign as a point of reference. Terapia Urbana is a technology-based company in Seville that uses nature to solve energy problems caused by buildings in cities where greenery is far from abundant. "More Green in the City" (in Spanish, from PKN Seville Vol. 12) includes a few of their projects, and you'll be introduced to a few vertical gardens -- for both the outside and interior of buildings -- as well as other "green" innovations. Poster for PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 3 Posters Quite a few additions to our Tumblr blog today, including posters/flyers for PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Ekaterinburg Vol. 3 (above), and PKN Vancouver Vol. 22.  PKN Vienna Photos Here are today's photo galleries, as well as a fun teaser video for PKN Barcelona Vol. 16, which took place this past Friday. The photo above is from the PKN Vienna gallery.

httpv:// We also have this fantastic report from PKN Philadelphia organizer Bradley Peniston -- yes, it's a bit old, it had gotten lost somehow and just recovered -- about his experience in introducing PKN to nearby Scranton.

Last Saturday, January 28, PechaKucha Night Philadelphia took its show on the road, driving two hours north to mount the first PechaKucha Night in the city of Scranton. I thought the event went well for a city's first show: we had eight presenters who spoke to a standing-room-only house of 60 or so. Here's the story: A few months ago, as I was planning a weekend getaway with my brother, a thought occurred: why not plant a PechaKucha seed in a new city? I had already settled on a destination: Scranton, Pennsylvania, once a powerhouse industrial city, now home to a more diversified economy that includes several colleges and design shops. Sitting atop vast deposits of coal and iron ore, the city was the first in the United States to produce iron railroad rails, and the first to build electrically powered trolleys -- lending it the nickname the Electric City. Today, Scranton remains the sixth-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. The next step was to seek help on the ground. I googled "Scranton and PechaKucha," and made contact with a librarian at the University of Scranton who had once delivered a 20x20 talk at a conference. She wasn't available to speak, but she helped me find a venue (the Vintage Theater and Cafe) and a co-organizer, Mandy Boyle, who works at one of Scranton's web design firms. Together, we rounded up a slate of eight speakers. In early January, we reached out to local media, and hit the jackpot. The Weekender, the leading local arts & entertainment weekly newspaper, put the upcoming PechaKucha Night on its cover. The piece, "What would you say in six minutes and 40 seconds?" came out on Wednesday, January 25. The following day, Scranton's daily newspaper, the Times-Tribune, ran a similar story: "High-speed PowerPoint presentations engage at Vintage Theater's PechaKucha Night." Armed with as much publicity as we could have hoped for, we opened the doors at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 28. People started streaming in, and by showtime, we had about 60 packed into the cafe. This was the lineup: “Life Lessons from the Gateway Cinema” by Mandy Boyle, SEO team lead at Solid Cactus “How to Slow Down Time” by “Welcome To Scranton” author Greg Halpin "#ScrantonMovieNames” by Michelle Davies, an co-contributor “Stained Glass & the Passing of an Old World Art” by founder Harold Jenkins “Restoring the Slope” by Leadership Lackawanna Class of 2012 member Gerard M. Hetman “Library Crimes & Misdemeanors” by newspaper librarian Brian Fulton “In Pursuit of the Light” by professional photographer Brent Pennington “Preparing America to Compete in the 21st-Century Global Economy” by technology trainer Michael J. Murphy The show itself went off well. I was quite proud of the presenters, all of whom did a fine job -- especially given that none of them had even ever seen a PechaKucha presentation before. Everyone at the cafe seemed to have a good time, and there were plenty of people afterward who asked about presenting at a future PKN. The day after the show, the Times-Tribune ran yet another story: "Scranton takes on global phenomenon with slideshow event."

Links A few interesting posts and event reports from around the web.

Calendar After last week's very packed calendar, we're starting out slow this week, with PKN Calgary Vol. 12 tonight (May 28) and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 9 tomorrow night. 

httpv:// What does a PechaKucha Night in Sofia look like? This video should give you a good idea, recorded at one of the city's early PechaKucha Nights (Vol. 2), back in 2009.

httpv:// We continue to find videos from older PechaKucha Nights, and this one gives you a look at what it was like to celebrate PKN Sofia Vol. 2 back in 2009, and event with an attendance of over 400.

PKN Sofia Vol. 4

This certainly looks like a very fun idea: at last month's PechaKucha Night in Sofia Vol. 4, all attendees were handed passes, and then asked to "customize" them in some way. The photo above shows you some of the results.


The organizers of PechaKucha Night in Sofia have put together a video look at their last event, which was Vol. 4, held in early November. See also the video they put together for this past summer's poolside Vol. 3.


PechaKucha Night in Sofia organizer Georgi Dutchev has put together this video of last month's Vol. 3, which as you'll see, featured a terrific poolside setting.

Badge for PKN Sofia Vol. 3

For the upcoming outdoor PechaKucha Night in Sofia Vol. 3 (July 24), tickets will be replaced by badges like the one pictured above. The idea is that attendees will fill in the middle with something -- thoughts, slogans, sketches, an avatar -- and the badges will then act as everyone's "business card" for the evening.

PKN Sofia Vol. 1 Pecha Kucha Night has been on a roll in terms of new cities, and one of the latest is Sofia, which held its first PKN at Club Solo on January 29. If you read Bulgarian, then you can read more about the event at the official site, but we thank organizer George Dutchev for sending us this report:
It has just happened! The first Pecha Kucha Night in Sofia was a great success, gathering on January 29 more than 300 people from the creative fields in Bulgaria -- designers, architects, photographers, etc. Most of the 12 presenters surprised the audience with their animated, unexpectedly intensive, passionate presentations. The Pecha Kucha format has proved its reputation as creative energy "booster," leading to lively discussions during the "beer break," as well as later, in internet groups, blogs, and discussion boards. The topics? They varied from inspiration we could receive from the common things in life, to the role of rituals in our business, right up to the great samples of architectural masterpieces shown in the James Bond movies. Organizers from -- a Bulgarian architecture and interior design focused web portal -- have already announced the date for next Pecha Kucha Night in Sofia: April 23.
Below, a few photos from PKN Sofia Vol. 1, courtesy of George. PKN Sofia Vol. 1 PKN Sofia Vol. 1 PKN Sofia Vol. 1