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Bao Bin

Designer, Driller Doing Communications in Shenzhen

Micro Explosion of the Mind


Art Director Bao Bin talks about how a limited budget and limitless demands from clients require designers to be able to brain storm and respond very quickly. This resulted in what he called the “Micro Explosion of Mind”. Here he will show us his way of triggering this ‘explosion’ through his thinking and design for Society and Landscape project.

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The Future: Thinking About Design

@ VOL 5 ON MAY 19, 2010

Katie Hill and her presentation "The Future: Thinking About Design," recorded at PKN Leeds Vol. 5 earlier this year.

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The Mind of the Architect

@ AIA 2014 CONVENTION ON JUN 26, 2014

Professor Linda Nelson Keane AIA leverages the mind of the architect and advocates for a curriculum supporting participatory design opportunities for schoolchildren.

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Creative Thinking

@ VOL 3 ON OCT 31, 2013

Design Thinking, se refiere a cómo un diseñador piensa, trazando un estilo lejos de lo convencionalmente aceptado en el mundo de la empresa.

Es una manera de resolver problemas reduciendo riesgos y aumentando las posibilidades de éxito.

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What is Design Thinking?

@ VOL 15 ON FEB 03, 2015

Designer, researcher, writer and strategist, Gilad Meron, shares his take on the process and practice of design thinking and the need for collaborative discourse between different disciplines which leads to something greater. He discusses that the design thinking process goes beyond the idea and leads you to something to unexpected outcomes.

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Pro-Poor Innovation, How to Hype it with Micro Industry

@ VOL 27 ON NOV 23, 2015

“Craft keeps alive a few million– a few billion people but it doesn't lift them out of poverty. You need something else; what you need is your brain and my brain, an attitude, and a change.”

In Pro-Poor Innovation, How to Hype it with Micro Industry from PechaKucha Night Maastrict’s 27th Volume, Reinder van Tijen, owner of the company Demotech discusses industry at the poverty level. In industry, one needs capital. In an environment with no capital, one needs Ingenuity. Loopholes can be found when one re-designs concepts, tools, methods, and ideas to make them accessible and affordable to everybody in the world. Tijen’s goal? To improve lives with tricks and techniques and create more joy per person.

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All You Need is Design Thinking

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 15, 2016

Design thinking is hot & has somewhat of a star status….and that’s fully justified!! Design thinking is helping organizations to emphatically uncover needs of customers, users and employees and design the appropriate solutions. This is a story about how design thinking builds on the strengths from design and brings empathy into organizational & innovation processes. All you need is design thinking!

Arnoud Koning shares on design thinking. Koning is passionate about design thinking which he first experienced within the global business services organization of Procter & Gamble. Since several years, he worked with applying design thinking in different business contexts and he started teaching design thinking and facilitation skills both inside P&G and together with the Design Thinkers Academy.

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Design Thinking: New Normal for Georgia's Public Service

@ VOL 21 ON JAN 23, 2017

In the fast changing global landscape of governance, what are the new shapes it is taking? How can citizens be part of this process? What does it translate into in the Georgian reality? Here are the first examples of design thinking experiments in public service development in Georgia. Khatuna Sandroshvili

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Positive Thinking-The #1 Cause of Suffering

@ VOL 46 ON NOV 07, 2017

The principle of quantum entanglement applied to a conscious mind proves that positive thinking is the number one cause of human suffering. Nershen Pillay is on a mission to touch the lives of at least one billion people with this concept.

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Circulating our City “Macro to Micro”

@ VOL 36 ON SEP 17, 2018

"The daily moments where you interact with a building, can they be moments where you tell the story of the city you're in, and connect yourself to the place?"

Joseph Hampton joined Warren and Mahoney in 2006 whilst studying towards his degree in architecture, graduating from Victoria University in 2007 with first class honours. He was appointed Associate in 2017.

Joseph has worked on many challenging projects requiring focused attention to design, detailing and overall project coordination. Joseph is an extremely talented Architect having won numerous awards and scholarships over the past five years. Of particular interest and strength is integrating innovative and environmentally sustainable building systems into contemporary architecture. Joseph also completed his Green Star Accreditation in June 2008.  

In this PechaKucha, Joseph talked about the importance of weaving in identity and acknowledging bi-cultural practice when designing for cities. He discussed the need to design spaces that celebrate equality and diversity from 'Macro to Micro'.