Past Shenzhen Event: VOL 40

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VOL 40

January 12, 2019
@ Vanke Design Commune

To celebrate the 40th volume and the 10th year of PechaKucha Night in Shenzhen, here comes “PKN Grand Tour” 1 day / 3 PKN. You can choose your PKN in Shekou Sea World with a delicious lunch, in OCT loft for a delightful afternoon tea or in Vanke Design Commune with the Party. 11 beautiful pieces of brain will share their conjectures, check the list of speakers… it’s mind-blowing! Shekou Sea World - OCT Loft - Vanke D.C. 为了庆祝读图夜深圳站十周年,我们谋划了一场精彩的大暴走,邀请了全球顶尖的创意人士与我们分享他们的奇思妙想,蛇口的美味午餐,华侨城的惬意下午茶,万科的精彩派对,千万别错过他们畅谈一路头脑风暴的机会! 海上世界 - 华侨城创意园 - 万科云设计公社

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