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The fourth Pechkucha Night to be held in Shenzhen moved from its traditional home in the OCT Loft to Art De Vivre in Shang Meilin asco-organisers Michael Patte and Gigi Liang sought to reach out to the city’s creative talents and new audiences alike.

(English bellow).

第四期吱吱喳喳读图夜第一次从OCT创意园移到上梅林的Art De Vivre, 协办者Michael Patte和梁秀枝努力寻求这个城市的创新人才和新的观众群。活动再一次成功举办, 首次展示了本土设计师人才, 而不只是外国艺术家。

The event was well-attended once again and showcased talents that were predominately local, as opposed to foreign, for the first time.



The Kucha King Awards will be held during the Special 20th Pechakucha Night X HK/SZ Design Biennale on September 6 in Les Duos OCT Bay 7:00pm. Mark the date!


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1. 钟秋梦

2. 邢一顺

3. 龙淼渊

4. 冯志峰

5. 孙振华

6. 李益中

7. 罗素

8. 朱德才

9. 林或然

10. 陈迭茹

11. Jean Baptiste Zuccari



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