Past Sheffield Event: VOL 30

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VOL 30

September 17, 2019
@ Kollider - Castle House
Vol#30 - 'Finding A Way'
In a world of relentless turmoil and seemingly insurmountable challenges, there are two choices...give up or find a way.
The issues we face personally, locally and globally are overwhelming on the best of days and the more we understand about them the harder they get.
We have more insight, knowledge and understanding than ever before, but are faced with infinitely more complex problems, all inexplicably linked to every other!
So how do pause to single out a starting point, somewhere to begin plotting a path from. 
How do we set off on a journey who's conclusion is not just uncertain, but completely unknown.
How do we fight our internal battles and champion the right causes that will get us from where we are to...nearer where we need to be.
Join us on the 25th as we hear from those digging deep, the ones looking for the work-arounds, the rebels feeling their way through darkness in search of the light.
Join us as we unpick the threads, stories, technologies and inspiration to find the source of the ways we all want to find.

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