Past Sheffield Event: VOL 29

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VOL 29

March 28, 2019
@ Millennium Gallery : Museums Sheffield

As part of Museums Sheffield remarkable exhibition featuring 15 drawings by Leonardo da Vinci from the Royal Collection as part of a major nationwide exhibition marking the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death.

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing season.

Vol#29 Theme: 'Ingenious'

There is a force deep within us all, a fascination hard-wired to our very cores, a passion which has fueled our evolution since the dawn of time...the drive to explore and understand the world around us.
So many of our heroines and heroes are those that have made incredible discovery's, created world-changing inventions or given us new insights that have altered the course of history...and for this we hold them aloft and celebrate their accomplishments!
In painting pictures of these extraordinary figures, with their exceptional powers we elevate them to mythical status, deliberating their prestige, achievements and impact...forgetting one important reality.
Whereas there are very few true geniuses; those rarely understood in their own life-time, who see the world like no one else, creating things that live on for centuries...anyone can have genius, every single one of us can grasp it if we try!
To find these moments of inspiration we have to connect with ourselves and find the flow to unleash the raw, unimpeded creativity inside! 
Despite the opportunities it creates, the ever-fascinating advances in technology are not always the best facilitator of this. Our thumbs and fingers are happiest when creating and making in the analogue world; putting pen to paper, brush to parchment, chisel to grain. We come alive when our hands and bodies are engaged and our minds immersed...we lose ourselves in the wonder and magic of the world around us.
Whether artist, inventor, engineer, scientist, omnipotent Renaissance Man or someone who just tinkers, doodles and dabbles; it is the devotion to keep questioning and learning that paves the way to possibility. The allure of finding out, the realisation of knowing, the enchantment of everything on every level is an eternal flame that draws us all toward it.
Join us of the 28th of March as we remind ourselves just how captivating art, science and nature are...of the rapture in being human!
For who knows what flicker of brilliance it might stir.

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