Past Sheffield Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

November 26, 2018
@ The Mowbray
In an age of continual information, alerts and updates it's difficult enough to keep up, let alone properly understand what's going on!
We are constantly bombarded with breaking stories, opinions and 'new insights' that, instead of giving us clarity, seem to muddy the waters and make things even more confusing.
Now more than ever we need to seek out and find the thinkers, feelers and doers; those who search for what matters to them so we can ask ourselves "does this matter to me"?
Much of what we think makes us different to everyone else is actually what connects and binds us all together. Austerity, inequality, extremism, displacement, environment, culture, technology, beliefs, politics and capitalism are huge complex beasts way beyond the control of any one person; so how do we do we ensure that good still bubbles to the surface and start to change the course of a ship that feels like it's heading for an iceberg!?
In any battle there comes a point where someone has to call it...and decide to Make a Stand.
Whether their inspiration is something personal, a 'calling' or born out of frustration, there is a time when you have to draw a line in the sand and hold your ground come what may.
Apple carts may be upturned, people may shout and shun and there will be hardships to bear, but in setting out your stall and trying, you find others willing to take up the fight. In realising the cause that matters most to you, more people emerge to take up 'arms' and another road to change begins to be paved.
Join us on the 26th as we hear from those who are, discover what they are facing and learn why they have chosen to Make their Stand.

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