Past Sheffield Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

September 05, 2018
@ Kelham Island Museum

Vol#27 - 'What Matters?'

Ever stopped to think about what matters to you most...what really matters?

It's a question that seems simpler than it is!

So many things in our lives feel important and many things are, but have you ever stopped to question how you decide what is and isn't?

Often what seems to matter is driven by fear or concern, has been instilled in us from a young age, slowly 'learnt' over time. We can be conditioned by many inputs and regularly condition ourselves to reinforce perspectives that were created by a choice, a moment or an experience.

The significance of the forces around us and the influence of conventions can be very powerful in shaping our journeys, especially when we cling to them so tightly; but when you start to dig, explore and question what really drives you, there is a reassuring knowing to be found inside. You start to uncover a fascinating world driven by more than just feeling, emotion and instinct...with insight and understanding once impossible limits and barriers start to crumble and fall away.

Join us on the 5th September as we explore and challenge what connects and drives us...what feeds and frees us...what gets us up and keeps us going...what matters to each of us.

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