Past Sheffield Event: VOL 25

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VOL 25

October 19, 2017
@ Local Authority (upstairs at Corporation)

An evening for Sheffield Melanin Festival celebrating Black History month.


Everyone has a history, journey, idea or story of what defines them; it's what gives us our identity, what makes us unique.
Our pasts are a constant source of curiosity: Where we have come from? How we got to where we are now? What insights we can glean to predict the future?
Knowing the past, in itself, cannot guarantee anything going forwards, but not grasping or learning from it locks us into a cycle of our mistakes again and again.
Our distant and recent past influences us on every level; as individuals, our families, corporations, countries and humanity. All of our habits, traits, behaviours, knowledge, views and cultures have, intentionally or otherwise, evolved from ancestors and out of our experiences...but how much of it do we really know and understand?
The customs, stories and records we use to share and explain what has gone before us is a version of 'truth'; which is often curated to present a dictated narrative, passed down with a certain emphasis, bias or degree of embellishment and can sometimes be made up or erased completely!
It is something we cannot escape, but do not always properly understand. Whether we want it to or not it shapes everything about us, who we are, what we do; it is the very fabric and function of the world around us now and for future generations!
We live in an age that provides us with access to more information than anyone who's come before us, but we need to dig deep, explore boundaries and engage the unfamiliar, because not all that is known is documented...and the only way to truly make sense of things is to seek out, listen to and share with others.
We are all made by history, the question is whether that is by our own choice and design or someone else's!
Join us on the 19th as we discover what has shaped and defined our far.

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