Past Sheffield Event: VOL 24

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VOL 24

July 20, 2017
@ 92 Burton Road
PechaKucha Sheffield Vol#24 - 'Together'
There's just one big ship and we're all in it...the only chance we have of stopping the leaks and all going down with it is Together.
Every part of the world is inter-connected to every other and despite what we are constantly told, deep down we know that there are so many more things that make us alike than make us different.
If the 'digital revolution' has taught us anything, it's that none of us is any one thing anymore...we cannot be packaged, boxed or labeled! We've evolved. We are now both consumers and publishers of information, viewers and broadcasters of media, simultaneously teacher and student*...and this is just the beginning.
The tectonic wave we're riding means we're already becoming maker as well as customer, medical researcher as well as patient, energy producer as well as consumer...the really interesting bit is what comes next, because 'power' is coming to us*!
There's a point of inflection approaching which our Governments aren't going to be able to legislate for; and in just the same way that we may well need banking in the future, but won't necessarily need banks; we are already heading towards a place where we become both citizen AND state*...and will have to decide what's right and what to do in our hearts!
Join us on the 20th of July as we come Together for Vol#24.
*Inspired by Mark Stevenson

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