Past Sheffield Event: VOL 13

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VOL 13

July 04, 2013
@ The Winter Gardens


Change is afoot, the World is in a state of flux. Now, in a way never before seen, there has been a shift in power, from the few…to the masses!
At no other time in history have so many been able to influence so much. Our ability to connect and communicate has given each and every one of us the capability to be a catalyst for change, but with this opportunity comes great responsibility!
Social Media may spark a passion...strike a chord with a cause or another's plight and technology may enable all sorts of wondrous new avenues...but only if someone acts!
If we stand together to change things, create new beginnings, to build our own futures, what should they be…and how will they be made?
PKNSheff #13 is a showcase of the possible...of what can really be done!

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