Past Shanghai Event: VOL 26

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How to Behave as the Best Man

@ VOL 26 ON JAN 14, 2016

Within seconds Rob Han grabs the attention of the audience. His captivating and comical personal story involving kidnapping and violence, turns into something beautiful and thought-provoking. By sharing a memory of his own, he creates a memory for the audience. Rob concludes his talk by offering the crowd a fitting question as a gift.

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Human Centered Design

@ VOL 26 ON JAN 14, 2016

"For this project, I particularly looked at the things that those children could do instead of what they couldn’t." 

In Human Centered Design from PechaKucha Night Shanghai Vol. 26Bas van Hoeve explains what inspires him when he's designing: people. He doesn't design just to create something nice or beautiful; he hopes his products actually help people. Don't just focus on the best paying customers, also pay attention to those most in need of specialized design.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, July 25th, 2016. 

Rob Han
Social Entrepreneur in Shanghai
Tom Young
Data Scientist, Software Architect , WuXi NextCODE in Shanghai
Bas van Hoeve
Creative Director, Design2Gather in Shanghai