Past Seattle Event: VOL 76

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VOL 76

August 28, 2019
@ Seattle Central Library

Join us for the closing celebration of the Art on the Plaza series at the Seattle Public Library as we present PKN SEA vol. 76: Re-Birthing A Nation - Letters from the Future. The evening will feature a series of powerful talks from young people across our region offering their dreams, visions, challenges for America during these divisive times.

This program is offered in collaboration with the Seattle Public Library and is made possible with support from The Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Ricky Reyes
Researcher, Organizer, and Creative. in Seattle
Miriam McBride
Hilltop Urban Gardens in Seattle
Ray Corona
Executive Director , Somos Seattle in Seattle
Aretha Basu
Community Organizer & Legislative Aid to CM Mosqueda in Seattle
Esmy Jimenez
Reporter, KUOW in Seattle
Parker Owen
Coyote Central in Seattle
Aneesa Roidad
NAACP Youth Coalition in Seattle
Erica Ijeoma
NAACP Youth Coalition in Seattle