Past Seattle Event: VOL 75

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VOL 75

May 30, 2019
@ Seattle University Pigott Auditorium

PKN SEA vol. 75: The 50/50 Gender Equity Challenge - Real World Solutions for Real World Change

Despite valiant efforts to increase gender equity in the technology workplace, the percentage of women in tech has declined 10% over the past 20 years, falling from a 35% “high” in the 1990s to 25% today. For underrepresented minority women, the numbers are staggering, with women of color representing less than 5% of the technology workforce overall. Technology plays a central role in our lives. How problems are identified, defined and solved shape the ways in which we engage with ourselves, our families, and with our broader communities. Without true gender equity in tech, the needs of women and their communities of care will remain underserved, reinforcing a cycle of exclusion, marginalization and discrimination.

It’s time to dream big, challenge incrementality, and set unreasonable goals.

Can we imagine a workplace in which women are fully represented in all aspects of the technology production process from ideation, to product development to delivery? Can we imagine a technology workplace where women represent a full 50% of the workforce? We believe the answer is yes. To explore this vision and identify solutions, Pecha Kucha Seattle and Seattle University’s College of Science and Engineering are proud to present PKN SEA vol. 75: The 50/50 Gender Equity Challenge - Real World Solutions for Real World Change. The event features outstanding women leaders from across our region leading change in the technology workplace today.

Join us on Thursday, May 30, 6:00 pm at Pigott Auditorium for a future-defining conversation about women, technology and shared future.

Jenn McColly
Vice President of the People Connection Team, SAP Concur in Seattle
Dioselin Gonzalez
Principal Software Architect, Microsoft Research in Seattle
Cynthia Tee
Senior Director of Engineering, Nordstrom in Seattle
Nicole Buchanan
Former Executive Director, , Ada Developers Academy in Seattle
Katherine Pratt
PhD Student, Electrical & Computer Engineering in Seattle
Gail Giacobbe
Director Product Management and Data Science, Microsoft in Seattle
Alice Steinglass
President, in Seattle
Abigail Echo-Hawk
Director, Urban Indian Health Institute in Seattle
Kelly Marquardt
Community Liaison, Government Relations, U.S. House of Representatives, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene in Redmond, WA
Nicole W. Piasecki
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Seattle University in Seattle
Rebekah Bastian
VP of Community & Culture, Zillow Group in Seattle
Natasha Martin
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University in Seattle
Cathi Rodgveller
CEO and Founder, IGNITE Worldwide in Seattle