Past Seattle Event: VOL 71

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VOL 71

June 01, 2017
@ Seattle Central Library
INTERRUPTING WHITENESS: What is the role that white people can play in dismantling white supremacy and its related oppressions? How can Seattle, as a majority white city, confront the legacy of racism in the Pacific Northwest? This evening’s conversation is an attempt to get beyond the narrow confines of discussing white privilege by specifically asking individual white people how they are working, with intention and accountability, with communities of color, to center people of color and be supportive of collective work to end racism and create a deeper collective humanity.

How can white people recognize when their behavior is problematic in a conflict, in a policy or procedure, or even in a simple conversation? How do white people begin to interrupt white supremacy, in ways that are meaningful to people of color? The focus of our conversation is to show approaches and personal stories of white people supporting racial justice and acknowledging how important it is for white people to be active participants in the struggle for a reconceived humanity in the aftermath of centuries of white supremacy.

Diana Falchuk
Artist, Consultant and Staff at City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative (Office of Arts & Culture/Office for Civil Rights), City of Seattle in Seattle
Robin DiAngelo
Racial Justice Writer / Educator in Seattle
Jed Murr
Lecturer, UW Bothell in Seattle
Shelby Handler
Writer, Teen Leadership Program Manager, Arts Corps & Youth Speaks Seattle in Seattle
Jon Greenberg
Teacher, Seattle Public Schools in Seattle
Emily Pothast
Artist, Musician, Writer in Seattle
Jim Jewell
English Instructor, North Seattle College in Seattle
Christina Reed
Artist in Seattle
Randy Engstrom
Director, Office of Arts and Culture at City of Seattle in Seattle
Hayden Bass
Seattle Public Library in Seattle
Ashley Harrison
CARW in Seattle