Past Seattle Event: VOL 62

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VOL 62

April 16, 2015
@ Nordic Heritage Museum

Finland: Designed Environments, now showing at the Nordic Heritage Museum celebrates the explosion of creativity in Finnish design over the last 15 years. The exhibit presents furnishings, fashion, craft, as well as architecture and urbanism, featuring a diverse array of design work inspired by the intersection of mind and body. In celebration of this exhibit and the continued imperative for human-centered design, Pecha Kucha and the Nordic Heritage Museum present PKN SEA vol. 62: Design Mind. Design Body. Human Centered Design in the 21st Century.

Presenters Include:
+ Hillary Rielly
+Rebecca Peterson
+Jamie King
+Taylor Sizemore
+Charlotte Brekkan
+Dane Jensen
+Paulina Wilcowska
+Ida Ottesen
+Surya Vanka
+Dustann Jones
+Jeanette Svensk-Li

Surya Vanka
Founder of Design Swarms & Chair of 50th Anniversary of Industrial Design Conference in Seattle
Ida Ottesen
Landscape Architect, Nakano Associates in Seattle
Paulina A. Wilkowska
Designer , LMN Architects in Seattle
Dane Jensen
Designer/Builder, Dane F. Jensen Design in Seattle
Rebecca Peterson
Owner, Cup & Penny in Seattle
Hillary Rielly
Contract Manager, Inform Interiors in Seattle
Jamie King
Tattoo Artist in Seattle
Taylor Sizemore
Designer, Sizemore Bicycle in Seattle
Charlotte Brekkan
Excercise Enthusiast in Seattle
Dustann Jones
Architect, Mithun in Seattle
Jeanette Svensk-Li
Fashion Designer in Seattle