Past Seattle Event: VOL 54

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VOL 54

May 21, 2014
@ Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavillion

SEA PKN v. 54 - Technology + Art: Cultural Disruption & Innovation 

Art and technology have collaborated to shape society throughout history. Today the relationship is even more complex. To explore the synergies, tensions and diversity of creative pursuits in both, Pecha Kucha Seattle, the Seattle Art Museum, 4Culture and LxWxH Gallery present PKN SEA vol. 54: Technology + Art: Cultural Disruption and Innovation. The evening will bring together presenters from across technology and art communities to consider the spectrum of practice and potential within these two means of understanding and framing our world.

PRESENTERS INCLUDE: Mark Long, Shrapnel // Janet Galore, Artist & Technologist // Blaise Agüera y Arcas. Google // Susie Lee, Siren // Matt Uyttendaele, Microsoft // Dave Hernandez, The Shins // Julia Fryett, Aktionsart // Shaya Lyon, Live Music Project // Andrew Perti, Seattle Interactive Media Museum // Korby Sears, Technosaurus Events // Omri Mor, ZIIBRA // Tasia Endo, Seattle Art Museum // Dylan Neuwirth - Posthuman Contemporary Artist // Mira Crisp. Get Crisp // Jacob Peter Fennell, Artist

The event will feature music by the ever-wonderful Good Co, the one and only Electro Swing Band in America.


Dylan Neuwirth
Posthuman Contemporary Artist in SEATTLE
Susie Lee
Contemporary artist, Founder and CEO of Siren, Siren in Seattle
Andrew Perti
Founder, Executive Director, Seattle Interactive Media Museum in Seattle
Janet Galore
User Experience Designer, Artist, Technologist, currently at Amazon in Seattle
Matt Uyttendaele
Engineering Manager, Seattle Gigapixel ArtZoom, Microsoft Research in Seattle
Julia Fryett
Founder, AKTIONSART in Seattle
Shaya Lyon
Founder, The Live Music Project in Seattle
Korby Sears
Interactive Media Producer, Chief Impresario, TECHNOSAURUS EVENTS in Seattle
Mira Crisp
Human Being + Creative Director, Get Crisp in Seattle
Dave Hernandez
Lead Guitarist, The Shins in Seattle
Blaise Aguera y Arcas
Google in Seattle
Mark Long
CEO, producer, designer, writer, whack MC, Shrapnel in Seattle
Jacob Fennell
Artist, Software Engineer in Seattle
Tasia Endo
Assistant Museum Educator for Interpretive Technology, Seattle Art Museum in Seattle
Omri Mor
Founder & CEO, ZIIBRA in Seattle