Past Seattle Event: VOL 50

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VOL 50

January 30, 2014
@ Olympic Sculpture Park PACCAR Pavillion

PKN SEA v. 50: Big Ideas - Imagining Seattle’s Future 2035 & Beyond


Pecha Kucha Seattle, the City of Seattle and the Seattle Art Museum are collaborating for the upcoming SEA PKN vol. 50: Big Ideas event. The evening will bring together presentations by leaders from  across Seattle’s innovation/creation community to explore shared visions for Seattle’s future  to inspire Seattle 2035, a year long, citywide conversation to guide the update  of the city’s 20-year comprehensive plan.  The event will be held on Thursday, January 30th, 5:30 - 8:30 at the PACCAR Pavilion at the Olympic Sculpture Park.


Surya Vanka
Founder of Design Swarms & Chair of 50th Anniversary of Industrial Design Conference in Seattle
Jim Kelly
Executive Director, 4Culure in SEATTLE
Kim Rorschach
Director, Seattle Art Museum in SEATTLE
Nora Liu
Community Development, City of Seattle, Department of Planning and Development in SEATTLE
Thomas Goldstein
Advocacy Director, Cascade Bicycle Club in SEATTLE
Alan Hart
Founding Principal, VIA architecture in SEATTLE
Brice Maryman
Seattle Board of Parks Commissioners, SvR Design in SEATTLE
Jon Scholes
VP, Advocacy & Economic Development, Downtown Seattle Association in SEATTLE
Jeremy Derfner
Senior Communications, Chief Speech Writer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in SEATTLE
Roland Strong
Scientist, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in SEATTLE
Diane Sugimura
Director, Department of Planning and Development (DPD), City of Seattle in Seattle