Past Seattle Event: VOL 46

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VOL 46

September 20, 2013
@ Seattle Central Library

PKN SEA vol. 46: Walk This Town: Perspectives on Designing a Healthy City will bring together presentations from a wide-range of design professionals whose work is revolutionizing pathways to health through the design of our urban landscape. From architects, urbanists and developers, to industrial designers, design-biologists, technologists, and nutritionists we will explore the ways in which design is transforming the way we develop cities towards a healthier, more brilliant, more meaningful future. The event will be held on Friday, September 20 at 6 PM, 2013 at the Seattle Public Library as part of the Design In Public’s week-long design festival.

Natalie Ethier
in Vancouver
Cary Moon
Landscape Architect in SEATTLE
Daniel S. Friedman
Dean, College of Built Environments, University of Washington in SEATTLE
Richard Conlin
Seattle City Council Member, City of Seattle in SEATTLE
Andres Monroy-Hernandez
Researcher, Microsoft Research in SEATTLE
Shelly Farnham
Researcher, Microsoft Research in SEATTLE
Nate Cormier
Principal Landscape Architect , SvR Design Company in SEATTLE
Carrie Ferrence
Co-owner, StockBox Grocers, StockBox in Seattle
Lisa Quinn
Executive Director, Feet First in SEATTLE
Joe Justice
Founder, Wikispeed in SEATTLE
Eric Higbee
Owner, Higbee Design Collaborative in SEATTLE
Chris Saleeba
Senior Urban Designer, Cascade Design Collaborative in SEATTLE
Luis F. Borrero
Consultant in Urban Sustainability. Chief Architect, DRiVE. Seattle Planning Commission in SEATTLE
Bonnie Duncan
Writer, SRG Partnership in SEATTLE
Ned Delmore
Executive Director, Society of St. Vincent De Paul, King County in SEATTLE
Guy Michaelsen
Landscape Architect, Berger Partnership in SEATTLE