Past Seattle Event: VOL 45

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VOL 45

July 25, 2013
@ MakerHaus

Pecha Kucha 45 event: Spark, Boom, Flash! Exploring the Creative Process. An evening spent diving into that mysterious grey area between when an idea is conceived and when it takes form. Bringing together makers and creatives from a variety of fields to discover their methods, madness, and sheer genius.

Bill Finger
Artist in Seattle
Fernd van Engelen
Industrial Design, Artefact in SEATTLE
David Mikula
Creative Director, Digital Kitchen in SEATTLE
Josh Distler
Architect, LMN Architects in SEATTLE
Jeff Luke
Photographer in Seattle
Shogo Ota
Graphic Designer in SEATTLE
Kristin Loffer Theiss
Artist, (self) owner/designer - KLTworks in SEATTLE
Mike Hahn
Industrial Designer, Sanergy
Rachel Ravitch
textile artist, jewelry maker in SEATTLE
Rusty Oliver
maker, metal worker, educator in SEATTLE
Nicholas Nyland
Artist in SEATTLE
Patrick 'Duffy' De Armas De Armas
Designer/Sign Painter in SEATTLE