City Focus: São Paulo

This week for the City Focus, we're going down to one of the biggest, most populous cities in the world: the megalopolis of São Paulo! I mean, we're really talking big here. São Paulo has a population of over 30 million people and is currently the 12th most populous city on the planet. As such, it has a huge GDP. Not the biggest in Brazil, not the biggest in South America, but the biggest GDP in the Southern Hemisphere! It is home to some magnificent buildings, including the Mirante do Vale, Edifício Itália, Banespa, North Tower and even the São Paulo Cathedral. As the city is the most populous in Brazil it features a melting pot of different cultures and identities with inhabitants native to over 200 different countries. Obviously, it's one of Brazil's great cultural centers where hundreds of thousands visit for any of its many festivals. Looking to get in on the fun? Well, PKN São Paulo is holding it's Vol. 6 event, held next week on July 3rd!

We hope to see everyone there! Boa sorte!


ProjetoDraft, an awesome editorial project focused on exposing innovation in Brazil, recently interviewed PechaKucha HQ and some PechaKucha event organizers to profile the movement. Check out the full post (in Portuguese) here

Last night saw the official launch of Heineken fan Fernando Degrossi’s Future Bottle, which was premiered at a party in Fernando’s home town of Sao Paolo. Degrossi beat more than 2,000 others to be crowned winner of the 2013 Your Future Bottle Design Challenge at the prestigious Milan Design Week. 

Fernando Degrossi, 35, won the global contest with his interpretation of the brief, which saw him ‘remix’ five logos from Heineken’s history into a brand new bottle design for the future. His design has now been manufactured and becomes a real product, with 2 million bottles going on sale around the world. Degrossi’s design is the latest chapter in Heineken’s open innovation story.

“I think that investing in the concept was essential. It is amazing to know that my design will be stamped on bottles all over the world”, said Degrossi.

Cheers Fernando!

Global Night Video from Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo was one of the city's that took part in our PechaKucha Global Night on September 20, and here's the video report to prove it, giving you a taste of what that night's event was like.

Unconventional Formwork, What a Creative Director Does, and a Video from Barcelona

PKN Barcelona Vol. 14 Presentations Daniel Silverman is an architect, and in his presentation (from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he shares a few projects that use unconventional materials for the formwork aspect of construction. Mad Men are dead. Creative directors do not just get to go to parties nowadays, but as is revealed in this presentation (in Spanish, from PKN Barcelona Vol. 14) by Rafa Bonichon, they have to be able to distinguish between what is bullshit and what is a good idea. PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 11 Posters Our last addition to the Tumblr blog before the weekend is the poster you see above, for Sao Paulo's Vol. 11, which is happening tonight. It was illustrated by João Lavieri, who will also be a presenter at the event. Video The following video is for a PKN that happened in Barcelona last year (its Vol. 12), but we hadn't seen it yet, and we loved it so much that we played it at our Vol. 95 here in Tokyo this past Wednesday.   Calendar Time to take a look at what the weekend has in store, starting with a very busy Friday night: PKN Salzburg Vol. 13, PKN Des Moines Vol. 11, PKN Gainesville Vol. 5, PKN Sao PauloVol. 11, PKN Wellington Vol. 16, PKN Toledo Vol. 3, PKN San Francisco Vol. 52, PKN Delhi Vol. 12, and PKN Geneva Vol. 9. Saturday brings PKN Oulu Vol. 18 and PKN Banja Luka Vol. 6, and then on Sunday we have PKN Plzen Vol. 2.

Celebrating Melville and a Creative Jobs Platform in Brazil

PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 7 Presentations Megan Whilden is a government worker in the city of Pittsfield, and in this presentation (from PKN Pittsfield Vol. 1) she talks about the "Call Me Melville" summer cultural program. In this presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 7), Tiago Yonamine talks about how he created Trampos, Brazil's biggest and most famous creative jobs platform. From its Twitter account to the new powerful website, Tiago explains how young talent needs a place to find work and how brands can take notice of their potential. PKN Durban Vol. 7 Posters Today's new posters on the Tumblr blog come from Durban -- for the city's Vol. 7, which is happening on August 22 -- and Springfield, MO, for tonight's Vol. 7. Notice Although the worldwide PechaKucha network never rests, the HQ does in order to replenish its energy, and hopefully catch a few rays. We will therefore be on "sleep" mode for the next two weeks, and won't be doing our regular daily posts during this time. We will still have two new presentations going up on the site each and every day, which we'll share on the blog as well, but for details on the PKNs happening during this 2-week period, please have a look at our calendar page. Calendar Tonight, Friday (August 3), you can catch the following three events: PKN Panjim Vol. 3, PKN Springfield, MO Vol. 7, and PKN Hakata Vol. 7. Then on Sunday, we have PKN Dunsborough Vol. 5 and PKN Beijing Vol. 21, and Monday has PKN Pittsboro Vol. 11.

The Importance of History, Life Lessons from Sao Paulo, and PKN Champaign-Urbana Illustrated

PKN Memphis Vol. 2 Presentations History is important, we can surely all agree on that, but with his presentation (from PKN Memphis Vol. 2) Justin Thompson wants to make sure we all get the message. Entrepreneur and graphic designer Gustavo Garcia uses his presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10) to teach us 10 important life lessons, regarding work, jobs, life, career, and more. PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 10 Posters The new posters on the Tumblr blog today are for PKN Moscow Vol. 19, PKN Columbus Vol. 22, and PKN Champaign-Urbana Vol. 10, which is the beautiful fully illustrated poster you see above.  PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 PKN Tokyo Vol. 93 Photos Today we'll point you to photos from last month's PKN Tokyo Vol. 93, taken as always by Michael Holmes -- we have galleries up on both Facebook and Flickr. Our Vol. 94 is coming up -- on Wednesday of next week (July 25) -- and since August is always a skip month for us here in Tokyo, it will be our last PKN of the summer. Calendar It's a quiet Wednesday with no PKNs happening tonight, but tomorrow (July 19) you can look forward to St. Albert's very first PKN, as well as a special edition PKN in Chicago (more details in this post).

PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10 Presentations We all have irrational fears, and for quite a few, sharks top the list of that which is most feared. In this presentation (from PKN Louisville Vol. 3), Paul Sirek goes beyond the Jaws of Spielberg, and reveals the true nature of these creatures. And what can we learn from the most villainous villains of them all? In his presentation (in Portuguese, from PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10), Nicolas Vargas takes a stab at listing 10 super villains, and explains the important lessons he has learned from their mistakes. PKN Chicago Posters We end the week with a few new posters on the Tumblr blog, including the one pictured above, for a special edition PKN happening in Chicago on July 19, as well as posters for PKN Las Palmas Vol. 7, and for PKN Erlangen Vol. 3 and 5. Here's more on that special event in Chicago:
WHEN LESS IS MORE... In association with the Society of Architectural Historians, PechaKucha Night Chicago heads for a summer road trip to the Louis Sullivan designed Charnley House in Chicago's Gold Coast. An intimate venue to be sure (so we wont get three hundred in there). Get tickets early and enjoy this amazing Chicago treasure - for one night only - invaded by PechaKucha Night. All ages show. Information at Facebook. The officially fantastic poster of this Volume is designed by Akemi Hong for the SAH. And watch out for another downtown extra Volume in mid August. Also in a very cool venue...
Video It's been a week of videos, and so why not end it with another one, this time covering the recent PKN Cagliari Vol. 3, both the event itself and behind-the-scenes. Calendar Here's what you can expect in terms of PK action over the weekend. First, tonight (July 6), you'll find the following three events: PKN Nishinomiya Vol. 13, PKN Pisa Vol. 2, and PKN Castellon de la Plana Vol. 1. On Saturday, there's PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11, and PKN Marseille-Provence Vol. 19, which marks that city's 5th anniversary. On Sunday, you can catch PKN Christchurch Vol. 14 -- see this post for more on that event, and an update on post-earthquake Christchurch.

We're experimenting with this new post format again, trying to give you more bang for your buck in terms of offering a daily snapshot of what's happening in the world of PechaKucha, and trying to save you from the endless streams of feed notifications that seem to clutter our lives. Presentations As we recently covered on the blog, we had a special PechaKucha event this past Friday here in Tokyo, as part of the 10th edition of the Magazine Library exhibition. We invited 5 presenters to cover topics that touch on magazines and print culture, and we'll be sharing all of them online today and tomorrow. Today, you get to hear Audrey Fondecave talk about the upcoming issue of TOO MUCH ("the magazine of romantic geography"), Mike Abelson talk about his stationery brand Postalco, and a recent printing project he embarked on, and Luis Mendo tells us how Tokyo turned this editorial designer into an artist. PKN Manizales Vol. 1 Posters We've got another new batch of PKN posters and flyers up on our Tumblr blog, including a few examples of what was produced for PKN Manizales Vol. 1 (above, a flyer), as well as from PKN Muscat Vol. 1, PKN Beirut Vol. 13, PKN Buffalo Vol. 12, PKN Cagliari Vol. 2, and PKN Moscow Vol. 12. PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10 PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10 Event Photos We know you love seeing event photos -- to get a feel for how PKNs are being done around the world -- and we're going to be sharing even more, by posting links to even more galleries than in the past. Pictured above, a scene from March's PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10, as well as a few happy attendees during the beer break.

Links A few PechaKucha-related links from around the webosphere.

  • A fun call-for-entries video (above) for the upcoming PKNs (Vol. 2 and 3) in Genoa 
  • An interview (in Russian) with our friends from PKN Moscow at Theoryandpractice
  • We don't usually like to give too much instructions on how to do a presentation -- we like to see how each person approaches the format -- but for those in need a few tips, this post might help

Calendar It's a quiet Monday with no PechaKucha Nights happening tonight, but tomorrow night, Helsingborg will be hosting its PechaKucha Night Vol. 8, happening at the Helsingborgs Stadsteater. 

The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love

The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love We teased this a while back when we first shared the posters for Sao Paulo's PechaKucha Night Vol. 10, but we are very happy to see that the typeface that Gustavo Garcia designed for use on the poster, "Peku," has been released for free -- you just pay with a tweet. It's a really fun typeface, and we really hope to see it used in interesting places. We'll also soon be sharing photos from that PKN Sao Paulo Vol. 10. The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love The Peku Typeface, from PKN Sao Paulo With Love