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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!


Featured Presentation

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Amani Yahya

Rapper in Sanaa

In her native Arabic and a bit of English, female Yemeni rapper Amani Yahya shares the trials and triumphs of pursuing her art against all odds. She speaks about the support and encouragement she’s received from her friends and community, her rap style, and how she’s challenged cultural norms to do what she loves.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 24, 2014.

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Kahramana: A story to be told

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 31, 2016


Sananizm : aims to present a contemporary style to the Yemeni culture. As a concept, it is rooted in Yemeni architectural heritage of the Old City of Sanaa.it derives its lines and patterns from the traditional architecture and crafts of the Old City, and creates a new form in modern materials.

The Old City of Sanaa is very inspiring. Its remarkable harmony, rich architecture and interior design, diverse patterns, meticulous proportions, amazing colors, and materials are very fascinating. All these elements triggered our interest in starting Sananizm  which a new Yemeni style in interior design, one that derives its soul from the Old City’s amazing harmony. As a result, We  have started researching the history of the Old City; beginning from its architecture to the development of the handcrafts trade,in corporation of Interior Design professors and archeology experts.


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Feminization of Ministerial Portfolio

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 05, 2015

What if  What if the Yemeni government has decided  to make all the ministerial portfolios  for  women   Will  the women succeed  to get an  ideal government?

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العلم الزائف

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 05, 2015

عن العلم الزائف، أهمية التعرف عليه ومخاطره ولماذا لا يجب ان ننجر وراء الأخبار بدون تمحيص خصوصاً عندما يتعلق الأمر بالعلم

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السيرة الفوتوغرافية

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 05, 2015

رحمان مصور يمني بداء مشوار التصوير منذ سنوات عديدة مضت وثق خلالها بآلاف الصور العديد من الأحداث في التاريخ اليمني المعاصر، يتحث رحمان في هذا العرض عن تجربته الشخصيه مع التصوير

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الإنسان والبيئة


يتحدث نورالدين عن دور الإنسان في تلوث البيئة

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Popular Culture

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 05, 2015

Mohammed Al-hakeem talks about the Yemeni culture including clothing, food and traditions.

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Charity Work

@ VOL 8 ON DEC 05, 2015

Aisha Jamal talks about the meaning of charity work which has completely changed to her after she started working close to poor people.she tells about the times she lived with them and witnessed life’s most inspiring and tragic moments, as she describes she has seen inspiring glimpses of courage, dignity, kindness, perseverance, and generosity.   To her the meaning of charity work has changed to the Humanitarian service ,she realized that what is offered for poor people is an obligation not a grace because it's from a human to an equal human being .

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End User Security

@ VOL 6 ON FEB 21, 2015

محمد الماوري يشرح في 20 صوره كيف تستخدم الإنترنت بصوره آمنه آكثر، وكيف تحمي نفسك في الشبكات الإجتماعيه



Sana’a: From the Ashes

“In March 2015, the war started in Yemen and almost everything got destroyed. A lot of people got displaced… this is the beautiful – used to be the beautiful – old Sana’a city but now a big part of the city is destroyed. ”
In Sana’a: From the Ashes from PechaKucha Night Tokyo’s 134th volume, speaker Ayman Amer discusses his home city of Sana’a. From it’s history to recent tragedy, the people of the city have been through a lot. In need of inspiration, Ayman discusses how despite the current conflict, Sana’a’s PechaKucha is still alive to give a voice to the people.

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