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The Strength Within

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

For Kevin Shaw and Ben Frisby, biking from Vancouver to Toronto to raise awareness for cancer taught them influential life lessons. As their ride became more difficult, they found strength within themselves and learned that the human will has the potential to be powerful beyond imagination. 

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Love, Design, and Food

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Casey Herrainco talks about her journey to discover herself - through love, design, and food. Through the many ups and downs in her life, she learned how to use design as a problem-solving tool and a way to make a difference in the world. 

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Passion is Key to Success

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Architect Brian Wakelin relates his life to Fellini's film 8 1/2. Brian feels pressure in his architectural career just as the director in the movie faces societal pressure to create a great film. Brian's pressure is short-lived, however, as he understands that passion is the key to being successful. 

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Writing on the Wall

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Teacher-turned-artist Jamie Smith explains the journey of how she discovered her artistic style after deciding to follow her passion. She discusses her unique approach of presenting other people's confessions in order to turn something shameful into a beautiful work of art. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 30, 2014. 

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Charity For a Better World

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Paul Cheung has participated in and contributed to several charities to support disadvantaged children, breast cancer awareness, animal adoption, food banks, and much more. He believes in making the world a better place, and hopes to raise greater awareness of world issues in his community. 

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My Story is Their Story

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Mark Busse is a design industry professional working at Industrial Brand. He believes that everyone is the average of the people they spend the most time with. He discusses the people whom he has worked with, and who have inspired him with their creativity, imagination, and drive. 

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Rap, Radio, and Reaching Out

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Lauren Burrows Backhouse speaks on her life experiences that included her family, her discovery into feminism, her dream of becoming a radio host, and getting married and having a son. Throughout her life she constantly tries to find the wisdom in her journey in order to pass it along to others. 

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The Symbol of a Nation

@ VOL 5 ON FEB 20, 2014

Who would have thought a leaf could stand for so much? Robert Dosil explores the origin of the maple leaf as a national symbol of Canada, delving into the history of the Canadian flag, the changes it went through, and the growing acceptance of the maple leaf as a national representative. 



The Information of Space

“Space is information-rich, and the events that occur therein provide narrative.”
Miles Thorogood explores how space provides information and can be interpreted by artists in different ways. In “The Information of Space” from PKN Richmond, BC Vol. 3, we see this concept is the basis behind Audio Metaphor, a company which transforms text into soundscape composition. Miles describes some projects that have been done to create AI systems which mimic animal behaviour. 

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