PKN Queretaro Vol. 5 Here are a few photos from the recent PechaKucha Night in Queretaro Vol. 5, along with some commentary from team member Lilian Gonzalez.

The 5th Queretaro Pechakucha Night was a unique and memorable event dedicated to music. It was part of the Musical Instrument Makers Congress by the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA). The event took place at the majestic Queretaro City Museum. The night opened with the music of Guillermo Muñoz, welcoming the audience.


PKN Queretaro Vol. 4

Queretaro held its PechaKucha Night Vol. 4 earlier this month, and here's a report on the evening by organizer Richard Ibarra, as well as a few photos courtesy of Black Velvet Studio.

The fourth PechaKucha Night's theme was “design." This time the event took place on a cold night in the historical Queretaro downtown. The beautiful "Plaza Constitución," an open and welcoming space hosted the PKN. It was a perfect place for diversity, with the stage placed in the midst of the "Somos diseño" (We Are Design) design fair, surrounded by a big crowd.

The night started with Beatriz de la Concha, an industrial designer who talked about graffiti and street art. After this, a couple of industrial designers Diana Hurtado & Bethsabe Cardiel presented an interesting student project, “Methane generation from fecal feces."


PKN Queretaro Vol. 2

It may have been a long time coming -- since the event was held back in September of last year -- but we're glad to finally get a look at Queretaro's second PechaKucha Night, courtesy of the following report by co-organizer Lilian Gonzalez. Our favorite bit: " It was amazing to witness how no one wanted to leave “La Fabrica,” demanding more presenters."

The second PechaKucha in Queretaro was hosted in September at “La Fabrica,” a contemporary art center. This was a perfect place for a PechaKucha Night, as this is a remodeled former factory that still keeps its industrial style. The forum of this artistic multidisciplinary spot was the stage where the PechaKucha took place.


PKN Queretaro Vol. 1

PechaKucha Night launched in Queretaro at the Museo de la Ciudad just over a week ago to great success, and here's an amazingly detailed report and photos sent in by co-organizer Alberto Villarreal.

3 weeks before the night of Queretaroʼs first PechaKucha, the organizing team had a really bad car accident in the Leon-Queretaro highway, but that didnʼt stop them from putting up the show and setting up a high standard for the upcoming events. All safe after 2 weeks of rest and medical care, the organizers did an almost heroic effort setting up what was the first of a promising series of PechaKucha Nights in this central Mexico town.