PK People: John and Stephanie

We blast the PechaKucha People Spotlight on John Taraborelli and Stephanie Caress, PKN Providence's co-organizers for hosting their ... wait for it ... 100TH PECHAKUCHA NIGHT! The first aside from Tokyo to do so in our global network of over 2000 organizers. Hats off to you two for continually hosting Providence's Coolest Party

City Focus: Providence

Celebrating their 100th volume, the enchanting city of Providence, Rhode Island graces this week's City Focus! As the second city worldwide alongside Tokyo to accomplish the feat of reaching their 100th volume, everyone at HQ would like to congratulate Providence for their outstanding achievements and hard work to reach this milestone in their PechaKucha journey. Let's wish them the very best at PechaKucha Night Providence Vol. 100 and hope to see you all at the Steel Yard on August 30th!

Matthew Bird has critiqued and lectured on industrial design for quite some time; most recently he taught a class at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) on the History of Industrial Design. 

As part of this course, he introduced his students to the PechaKucha method of presentation. He has uploaded an instructional video that not only serves as a tutorial for the academics out there, but for all of us.

We could write a manual containing tips on how to best present your PechaKucha story, but Matthew's demonstration sums it all up quite succintly. If you've ever been curious as to what makes PechaKucha work so well, or perhaps you have a presenation of your own coming up, this one is certainly worth a look! 

Reexamining an Abandoned Amusement Park, Teaching Kids How to Deal with Disabilities, and Guerilla Projecting in Providence

PKN Miami Vol. 15 Presentations A presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15) by Anthony Spinello and Augustina Woodgate about a project in Berlin called Kulturpark, taking place in an abandoned amusement park. Here's more on the project from the official website:

In the Treptower Park forest in East Berlin, along the Spreeriver, there is an abandoned amusement park. The park, originally called Kulturpark Planterwald, was built in 1969 by the GDR and was a rare site for Soviet amusement and attraction. After the fall of the wall, the park became the family-owned Spreepark and suffered challenges of access, attendance, and economy. In 2001, the park closed from capital collapse. Ever since, visitors have regularly traversed the fence to explore this jungle of broken thrill machines. In June 2012, Kulturpark will explore the poetics and potential of these recent ruins, building upon the unique energy of Berlin’s urban, social, cultural, and political landscapes.

Marina Potanina is the president of a charity foundation called To Kids About Kids. In her presentation (in Russian, from PKN Moscow Vol. 12) she talks about the project, and the creation of an animated series about school life for a group of kids, with one of the main characters being a girl in a wheelchair. In Russia, there are no books, TV, or other examples of adequate communication with people with disabilities. Marina believes that if we start by talking to kids about these issues, that our society will be changed. PKN Beirut Vol. 11 Posters We end the week with a Tumblr blog update that includes quite a few older posters: PKN Beirut Vol. 11 (pictured above), PKN Sevilla Vol. 9 and 11, PKN Jakarta Vol. 10, PKN New Orleans Vol. 4, PKN Chicago Vol. 18, PKN Louisville Vol. 1, PKN Dublin Vol. 1, PKN Christchurch Vol. 3, PKN The Hague Vol. 5, PKN Victoria Vol. 3-6, PKN Huddersfield Vol. 1, and PKN Los Angeles Vol. 28. PKN Providence Vol. 41 Photos We spotted this photo (by Twitter user @parulia, who was attending her first PKN) taken at this past Wednesday's PKN Providence Vol. 41 -- we sure love the guerilla nature of the venue and projection wall.  Calendar There's just one event tonight (August 31), with Kumamoto hosting its Vol. 4. Then, you can look to Saturday for the following two events: PKN Hyderabad Vol. 10 and PKN Kathmandu Vol. 6. 

PKN Mallorca Vol. 1 Presentations Tyler Weiss says he doesn't draw much anymore, but in his presentation (from PKN Williamsburg Vol. 1) he takes us on tour of some of the drawn art he's produced over the years, explaining where the inspiration came from. Susanna Cots is an internationally renowned interior designer from Barcelona who, in her presentation (in Catalan, from PKN Mallorca Vol. 1), explains the importance of invisible elements in a good design. PKN Des Moines Vol. 7 Posters New additions to the Tumblr blog today include a few older posters, like the one for PKN Des Moines Vol. 7 you see above, as well as posters for last week's PKN Bemidji Vol. 14, last month's PKN Providence Vol. 40, and May's PKN New Haven Vol. 12. httpv:// Video As we mentioned above, we added the poster for last month's momentous PKN Vol. 40 in Providence to our poster blog, but here's also a 2-minute video produced by the Providence Journal that will give you a peek of what the outdoor event was like. Calendar We have two PKNs on tap for tonight (Friday, August 24): PKN Nagoya Vol. 12 and PKN Guangzhou Vol. 11. On Saturday, you can catch these two events: PKN Nagano Vol. 21 and PKN Gibsons Vol. 3. 

Here's our look at what's happening today in PechaKucha. Presentations We've got two new presentations on the site, one from Curitiba and one from St. Louis. In "The Street Is Alive" (in Portuguese), Jorge Galvao shares his graffiti work, and talks about his passion for street art, and then in "Hitchhiking for Sanity," Myles Dickason shares some of his hitchhiking adventures. Photos Here are today's event photos to take in, coming from a few of our PKN cities. Above, the scene at Providence's PKN Vol. 35, which was held back in February.

PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31 The photo above is from the recent PKN Gothenburg Vol. 31 (see the full Facebook gallery, all photos by Nettan Kock), and below is a report from that city's organizer, Jesper Larsson. You can also find all Gothenburg presentations (in Swedish) on its YouTube channel.

On April 24th, we arranged our Vol. 31 of PechaKucha Gothenburg with a great turnout! Annelie Hulthén used mobile photos to show some of the backsides of the life of a politician. Our new city architect showed aerial photos of Gothenburg to show how much space is wasted on cars instead of human beings. Peter Korn told us about digging and how to plant exotic plants on stony Swedish hillsides. Sushi chef José Seruda spoke about "omakase" and his idea of Scandinavian sushi using locally produced fish and seafood. Siv Burell talked about the language Esperanto which celebrates 125 years this year. Klara Hansson spoke about perma culture and what's edible within the city centre. Jeanette Fagerström told the story that led up to her opening a sewing machine café in Gothenburg (similar to an internet café but with sewing machines instead of computers). Helena Andersson, Sebastian Popescu & Evelina Valtersson finished of the evening with a presentation about their project "Bostadsrotation" (residential rotation) where people change housing and routines with another person for a couple of days. In the break, Klara Hansson and her friends served up a 'Kokoro salad' based on wild city plants such as Garlic-mustard, Celandine, Common wood sorrel, Dandelion, Sorrel, Lady's Mantle, Daisy, Rowan Leaf, Ground elder and last but not least Lovage. They also served fresh natural birch sap. In this walkthrough video during the beer break, organizer Jesper Larsson tries out the birch sap and talks to former presenter Sebastian Näslund about it. We totally forgot to celebrate it, but the last presentation of the evening was actually #300 since we started!

PKN Muscat Links Looking for some interesting PechaKucha-related articles? We've got you covered. The photo above shows the team behind the soon-to-launch PKN series in Muscat (the organizer, Sara Fida, is second from right).

Calendar Tonight (May 16), it's PKN Wagga Wagga Vol. 6, and tomorrow night (May 17) you can look to these three events: PKN Hanoi Vol. 4, PKN For a peek at what's coming later this month, you can always check our calendar.

PKN Providence Vol. 28 We sure love seeing PechaKucha Nights being held outdoors, and the latest city to do so was Providence for its recent Vol. 28 -- the presenters are listed on the official event page. All photos were taken by Frank Mullin, and there's more to see in this Picasa web album. More...

PKN Providence in the News

PKN Providence in the News PechaKucha Night in Providence gets some nice coverage in the Providence Journal -- you can read the article online here, but organizer Michael Gazdacko tells us that the print edition is a 2-page spread with plenty of photos.

PechaKucha Day in Providence

How's this for an honor: This week's PechaKucha Night in Providence Vol. 24 -- their second anniversary, considering PKNs are held monthly there -- not only attracted an amazing crowd of over 300, but it also marked the official designation of March 30 as "PechaKucha Day" in the city of Providence. Don't believe us? That's the official proclamation you see in this post, signed by mayor Angel Taveras. Congratulations to PKN Providence organizer Michael Gazdacko and his team for their hard work, and a tip of the hat also to Stephanie Gerson, who launched the series and helped built it during her time as organizer.

PechaKucha Night in Providence is still healthy and strong -- the momentous Vol. 20 happens this month, on November 16 -- but the organizer who started the series there, Stephanie Gerson, has recently passed the baton on to someone else as she's leaving the city, and we loved the following message from her so much that we wanted to share it.

Just a quick message to share what an absolute pleasure it's been starting PechaKucha Night in Providence, and hosting it here for a year and a half! PK has created quite a stir in this city; I seem to have become somewhat of a local celebrity for bringing it to town, and I believe we're the only city besides Tokyo that has enough demand & supply to host nights every single month! I'm moving to New York in a week, I handed off the reigns to a fabulous new host, and look forward to participating in PKs in the big apple. Thanks again for starting something so brilliant, so simple, so human, and giving me the opportunity to share it with Providence. Yeehaw!