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31 JUL


This month we're back at our favorite summer spot, the backyard of The Avenue Concept. They are home to a legal graffiti wall, the most beautiful collection of spray paint you've ever seen, and the central hub for a team that coordinates some of the coolest public art in Providence. Odds are if you've walked by an outdoor sculpture or mural in Providence, Avenue Concept had a hand in getting it there.

In that spirit, our theme for the month is "Concept to Creation". Remember, themes can be taken as strictly or loosely as you please, including not at all! That's right, as long as you have something to share, we want to hear it.

As always, PechaKucha Night is FREE and all are welcome. We will be accepting voluntary $2 donations to help fund the global PechaKucha movement and your local chapter.


Featured Presentation

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past four years, you may know that Paul Roselli helped stop a fracked gas power plant called Invenergy in Burrillville, Rhode Island. The permit to build the Invenergy power plant was just recently denied by the Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board.

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Transform Action to Passion

@ VOL 122 ON JUN 26, 2019

Dr. Norly Germain is an activist for human rights and co-founder of “Hope and Change for Haiti". He is also a member of the NAACP, Cranston Action Network, Congressman Jim Langevin’s Diversity Committee, the English Learners Community Advisory Board for the School District of Providence, and the Rhode Island Count Committee for the United States Census 2020. He also teaches Mathematics and Statistics courses at the URI, JWU and CCRI.

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Click Ads. Live Dangerously.

@ VOL 122 ON JUN 26, 2019

Mel Rainsberger has been a digital designer and consultant that clicks ads even though she knows better.

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Bee-ing Outside the Box

@ VOL 122 ON JUN 26, 2019

Melissa Guillet recently left the job security of public school teacher to fight climate change and save the bees. She runs 15 Minute Field Trips, an organization that helps kids learn about and advocate for the environment through art.

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What the Fringe?

@ VOL 122 ON JUN 26, 2019

Josh Short is the Artistic Director of The Wilbury Theatre Group, a nonprofit theatre company in Olneyville, and producers of the Providence Fringe Festival.

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Composting, Outside the Bin

@ VOL 122 ON JUN 26, 2019

Michael Bradlee is a designer and scientist, that tweaked his home composting system until it was able to do the impossible: accept All kinds of food scraps, and remains active all year round. Mr. Bradlee currently runs the Community Compost Depot at Frey Gardens, the State of Rhode Island and Providence's first registered Compost Facility.

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Memorial for The Station

@ VOL 47 ON FEB 27, 2013

G Wayne Miller gives a memorial presentation for the victims of The Station nightclub fire, and talks about the impact this tragedy had on the survivors, as well as the families of the victims.

Sound Note: Crowd noise is heavy for the first 10 seconds or so.

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Rock & Reel

@ VOL 47 ON FEB 27, 2013

Mike Ryan talks about Rock & Reel, a local arts project that works with musicians and filmmakers to create collaborative works. The project groups musicians and filmmakers randomly into pairs, and gives them 3 days to create a narrative work together.

Sound Note: Crowd noise is heavy for the first 10 seconds or so.


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Live Well, Not Cheap

@ VOL 47 ON FEB 27, 2013

Jay Davani talks about being frugal, and being, “a Boss.” She gives a list of tips for getting more quality and goods for less money, and how to live confidently. From music, to make-up, to more essential goods like food, she explains how to save money but still live well.

Sound Note: Crowd noise is heavy for the first 10 seconds or so.




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