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Not yet scheduled!

We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!

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Jumping Off Safe Bridges

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Rebbecca Romanoski, the Program Director for Arts in Reach, share how the arts help at risk teens. A very informative and amusing presentation.

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Inspiration and Process

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Micahel Stasiuk, a talented multi-media sculpter, explains how through fun and creativity he found his life's passion. An amusing & entertaining ride!

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Creative Approach To Diagnosis

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Kristina Logan, a talented glass beadmaker and metalsmith, rethinks her life to help her son battle diabetes. She applies her creativity to develop a new life style. Very informative and helpful.

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Why Contemporary Art Is Important, and How to Understand It

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Kai Dennett explaines how to interpret contemporary art using three questions. Very informative and amusing.

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FuKu Dance

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Junichi Fukada, a talented chorographer and artistic director of FuKu Dance, describes the creative dance events he is working with.

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The Big Picture

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Enna Grazier is the owner and head chocolate maker for ENNA ChocolatesShe traces her passion from photography to chocolates. Follow her journey; you will go away hungry! 

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Chai Curious?

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2002

Emmett Soldati is a small business owner, activist, and occasional provocateur. Emmett Soldati is the founder of TeaTotaller and explains how his love for the town of Somersworth, NH helped him find his passion in life. It also brought attention to this little known NH town. Very entertaining.

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@ VOL 36 ON FEB 13, 2019

Terrence Parker presents Working: Site sculpture that speaks to the act of working.



Finding Home

"Our home wasn't the house we were leaving, and it wasn't the house we were moving to, it was the family we were. And now, as an adult, I've gotta redefine home."
"Finding Home" from PechaKucha Night Portsmouth Vol. 28Nick Girard shares his inspiring journey which took him and his girlfriend across the world. Accompanied by the stunning photography of the beautiful sights he explored, Nick presents to us that home is not a stationary place but a state of mind.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Mike Teixeira

    I believe good communication can make the world better and great communication can transform it. Creative Director, dad, geek...nice to meet 'cha. Presentation design and skill is a passion of mine and I founded Pecha Kucha in Portsmouth NH to do my small part in nurturing the city's deep creative passion.

  • Conni White

    Like Tom Thumb Conni has had her finger in many pies during the course of her career- from marketing architectural services in NYC to teaching science in NH. As a semi-retired resident of the seacoast Conni loves anything that speaks community and PechaKucha Night is community at it's best.

  • Victoria & Lawrence Elbroch

    Born in Cheshire, England, Victoria traveled extensively as a child. She lived in India and Pakistan, but received her education in English boarding schools. Victoria Elbroch studied etching at the Lock Haven Art Center in Orlando, Florida and at the University of Oklahoma. She also spent three years working with master printmaker, Loraine Moore. Victoria, who has been a printmaker for over 40 years, has won numerous awards for her prints including the Savoir Faire/Charbonell Award at the 2015 Boston Printmaker’s Biennial. She is a juried member of the Boston Printmakers and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen; she also currently serves on North Country Studio Workshop’s Planning Committee. Victoria works in two printmaking mediums, monotype and photopolymer etching. Her latest prints come from drawing both in ink and mixed media. Inspired by nature and world travel in the UK and Asia, she is creating ever more challenging prints. Born in New York City, Lawrence has lived in several states and the United Kingdom before settling down in New England. He is a self-taught photographer, whose work has been nationally & internationally recognized. He is juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and NH Art Association; he also currently serves on North Country Studio Workshop’s Board of Directors. The Elbrochs have been together for 46 years and still open to discoveries. Lately they have travelled to 6 Asian countries. Little did they know the trips would inspire both their own and brand new collaborative work.