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PechaKucha Nights are informal, fun gatherings held in more than 1000 cities world-wide, where comunity people share their ideas, works and thoughts in an engaging format. Each presenter has 20 images that advance automatically at 20 seconds intervals. The presenter talks along with the images. 

Come find out about people living in a around Portsmouth!

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What's in the Fridge?

@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Nancy Pearson has been obsessed with food and eating for as long as she can remember. Raised by a first generation Italian American on one side, and Swedish American on the other, every family occasion, celebration, and holiday is rooted in food and family recipes. Over time Nancy Pearson has adapted recipes and traditions to meet contemporary tastes and health habits, but a sheer love of food and the desire to express love through cooking has remained the same.

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@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Marty Mundy is a storyteller, mechanical engineer, and the owner of Immortal Milk LLC, an organization she founded in order to put more handmade local cheeses "on the table", so to speak.  Known for the cheeses she sells as the Seacoast Cheese Maven in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, Marty Mundy is passionate about  finding creative ways to tell the stories of the farmers and cheesemakers with whom she works.

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Finding Your Spark

@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Veronica St.Cyr is a human being who doesn't take herself too seriously.  She's an insured fire performer who loves movement, dance and eating the occasional flame. Veronica St.Cyr plays with fire!
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Everything Is Drag-- The Faces We Wear

@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Mike Hawk is a Portsmouth based drag king-- a performance artist who changes his body, face, and persona to tell a story in short acts. He performs in drag shows throughout New England. Mike Hawk has gotten a lot of tips and tricks since he started performing, but like many drag artists, he's largely self taught. Outside of drag Mike is Kari G, a local (female) artist; typically drag performers are called by their stage persona's pronouns when they are in drag, so Kari is she/her and Mike is he/him.
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Highgarden: The Evolution of a Secret Sanctuary on State Street

@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Knate Higgins is an independent arts producer, professional drag queen, and herbal occultist. He creates a fabulous roof-top garden for  place of peace and an improved environment.

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Goats & Giggles

@ VOL 39 ON NOV 14, 2019

Michelle Aulson loves sharing her goats with others, in class like settings such as hikes, yoga, and snuggle classes, as well as presenting at conferences and local libraries about the values and environmental benefits of using her family's goats to clean up nuisance and invasive weeds such as poison ivy and bittersweet, etc. Michelle Aulson would like to share with you, why goats make you smile.

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Jumping Off Safe Bridges


Rebbecca Romanoski, the Program Director for Arts in Reach, share how the arts help at risk teens. A very informative and amusing presentation.

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Inspiration and Process

@ VOL 37 ON MAY 02, 2019

Micahel Stasiuk, a talented multi-media sculpter, explains how through fun and creativity he found his life's passion. An amusing & entertaining ride!



Finding Home

"Our home wasn't the house we were leaving, and it wasn't the house we were moving to, it was the family we were. And now, as an adult, I've gotta redefine home."
"Finding Home" from PechaKucha Night Portsmouth Vol. 28Nick Girard shares his inspiring journey which took him and his girlfriend across the world. Accompanied by the stunning photography of the beautiful sights he explored, Nick presents to us that home is not a stationary place but a state of mind.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Mike Teixeira

    I believe good communication can make the world better and great communication can transform it. Creative Director, dad, geek...nice to meet 'cha. Presentation design and skill is a passion of mine and I founded Pecha Kucha in Portsmouth NH to do my small part in nurturing the city's deep creative passion.

  • Conni White

    Like Tom Thumb Conni has had her finger in many pies during the course of her career- from marketing architectural services in NYC to teaching science in NH. As a semi-retired resident of the seacoast Conni loves anything that speaks community and PechaKucha Night is community at it's best.

  • Victoria & Lawrence Elbroch

    Born in Cheshire, England, Victoria traveled extensively as a child. She lived in India and Pakistan, but received her education in English boarding schools. Victoria Elbroch studied etching at the Lock Haven Art Center in Orlando, Florida and at the University of Oklahoma. She also spent three years working with master printmaker, Loraine Moore. Victoria, who has been a printmaker for over 40 years, has won numerous awards for her prints including the Savoir Faire/Charbonell Award at the 2015 Boston Printmaker’s Biennial. She is a juried member of the Boston Printmakers and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen; she also currently serves on North Country Studio Workshop’s Planning Committee. Victoria works in two printmaking mediums, monotype and photopolymer etching. Her latest prints come from drawing both in ink and mixed media. Inspired by nature and world travel in the UK and Asia, she is creating ever more challenging prints. Born in New York City, Lawrence has lived in several states and the United Kingdom before settling down in New England. He is a self-taught photographer, whose work has been nationally & internationally recognized. He is juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and NH Art Association; he also currently serves on North Country Studio Workshop’s Board of Directors. The Elbrochs have been together for 46 years and still open to discoveries. Lately they have travelled to 6 Asian countries. Little did they know the trips would inspire both their own and brand new collaborative work.