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Thanks Be to the Sea

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

This is a declaration of interdependence. Through a group of 20 images and a single "poetic science" poem, Duncan Berry will reveal that whatever you do, wherever you live, each of us is deeply connected and dependent on the waters of the sea...With every breath we take, every thought we think and with every beat of our heart. Really. 

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ASUW Shell Hours: The Next 100 Years

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Understanding the importance of the 100 year old Navy-built hangar, turned boat house - and how its many unique layers of history can be an inspiring setting for future learning, growth, and community building. Nicole Klein's presentation covers the many stakeholders who care about the project, and how their perspectives will be woven into the building's program, exhibits, and uses in creative and exciting ways.

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Portland's Japanese Garden

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Tyler Quinn speaks about the history and cultural impact of Portland's Japanese Garden, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at one of the city's most treasured destinations.

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I was a minority for three years

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

In the 1970's I was a part of the grand social experiment in the South of desegregation by bussing students to schools outside of their neighborhoods.  Coming from California, I was unaware of the history of the issues behind the bussing initiatives, unaware of segregation and discrimination, and unaware of the social tensions that existed.  What I did realize was that we were an experiment, which seemed novel to us, and we embraced the newness of it. Our experiences as white kids entering a school of predominately African-American students have had deep and lasting effects throughout our lives.

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Sine Socialis: A life without social media

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Is it possible to be social without social media? As a marketer, Nina Byrd explores the impact on self and others without social media. Through a blend of personal narratives and scientific research, she explores the challenges of staying consistently connected yet balanced in a life without social media. 

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Coming Home

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Adaptive re-use and retrofitting are buzzwords often associated with some of the most exciting urban architecture projects around the globe.  Through his own experience, Chris Wojda explores how similar thinking can be leveraged to also bring new and much needed life to suburbia and beyond.

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The Past is Present

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Despite all the modern advances of technology, we are still operating from reptile brains. Like an old iphone, there is a point where the new updates stop working. Our brains, nervous systems and bodies can only take so much. So how do we adjust and evolve as a species? The answer lies in the past, ancient teachings of mindfulness, yoga, meditation that are now resurfacing to teach us how to cope with the new hyperconnected world we are living in. 

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How to Celebrate over 130 year of History

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

The Sumpter Valley Railroad has over 130 plus years of existence. This will be a whirlwind history and view of what we are today and what you can do to help us continue for the future.

Alfred Mullett is a nearly native Oregonian and Portlander and grew up enjoying history, music, The arts, and just about anything creative. He started working on a degree in Architecture, then by accident found himself in the world of Computers and IT. He has served on the boards and commitees of several museums and historical organizations and current is on the Board of Directors of the Sumpter Valley Railroad in Sumpter, Oregon, the topic of tonights presentation. 

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Musical Performance

@ VOL 29 ON APR 22, 2019

Louise Woodward completed her Bachelor of Music at Monash University, Melbourne Australia majoring with distinction in Performance (Violin). During her final year of studying Louise was encouraged to also pursue studying the viola & thus a strong affection & curiosity developed & remains. After touring Europe as an orchestral violist, Louise commenced her honors degree in composition. Louise has worked locally & internationally with some of the leading lights of the musical world such as Nitin Sawhney (UK), Adalita (Aus) & Zola Jesus. She composed string quartet arrangements for Zola Jesus' debut Melbourne Music Week performance & has since toured globally with Zola Jesus. From Melbourne Australia, Louise lives in beautiful Portland Oregon.

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All I Need To Know, I Learned By Breaking Stuff As A Child

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 11, 2018

Much time is spent in webinars and TED talks trying to dissect the nature of collaboration. But we understand it at a very early age. The roots of it run all the way back to our first collaborations, when we were kids, and when being ridiculous was normal.

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My Childhood

@ VOL 28 ON DEC 11, 2018

Ben Posin speaks about his lifelong love of gems and precious jewelry and the events that led him to take up his art and profession.

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@ VOL 28 ON DEC 11, 2018

Ever since arriving here on earth, I have wanted to get out there and see what is happening. In my life I learned that this is one kind of a cycle of challenges, thus it continues to reemerge. Getting out there is a challenge where we perform best when we reengage our child-like sense of wonder.