Past Portland OR Event: VOL 23

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VOL 23

June 13, 2017
@ Holocene


We are pleased to announce our next PechaKucha Night PDX on Tuesday, June 13th, as we take over Holocene for a full evening of PKN!

Our presenters will unpack the night’s theme of Needs Versus Desires – the never-ending dance between that which is crucial for survival and the things that make being alive fulfilling. If the line between the two is often blurred, how do we define them? Is desire the passion that keeps one going and achieving goals, or does it denote the vices of greed and materialism? Do needs only exist on the most basic of levels (think: food, clothing and shelter) or are they sometimes more indiscernible? And what are things you think you want but, at the end of the day, you may be better off without? 

Please join our PechaKucha speakers and volunteers on June 13 while enjoying handcrafted cocktails, wine, and beer, along with a live set by DJ Bobby and a PechaKucha Night PDX first: a live musical performance by Portland’s own May Arden!

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Happy for Paying the Bills

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Join the Brazilian Happiness Coach and founder of the Portland Happiness Center, Rodrigo Baena, as he shares an inspiring quick talk on the happiness of doing things you think you have to.

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Writing Around

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Allison Specter was once described by a stranger as a spiritual-yoga-Janet Jackson. Along with her team at Write Around Portland she helps to facilitate creative writing experiences for more than 500 people each year, expanding access to writing and publishing for some of our communities most underrepresented voices. She is a badass lesbian doing what she can to make small waves in the world; and always, learning as she goes.

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Nature, A Necessity for Healing

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Lindsey Freysinger will share her experience with the healing nature of being outdoors after becoming disabled. She will be exploring the necessity of being in nature for ALL humans, especially those with illness and/or disability.

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Musical Performance

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Classically trained opera singer and music historian, May Arden joins us for a special PechaKucha live performance.

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Precision and Perfectionism

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

As a visual Artist, precision and perfectionism has always played a dominant role in Alexandra Becker-Black's work and have also surfaced in nearly every aspect of her day-to-day life. Once she discovered her passion for watercolors, she realized the need for complete control over something was not serving her. She will be discussing her needs to control reality along with her desire to be free from the confines of perfectionism.

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Sex: Wants, Needs, and Desires

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Sex Educator, Amory Jane, will be talking about needs versus desires as they relate to sex and intimacy. She'll discuss libido, different styles of desire (e.g. spontaneous and responsive), and whether or not there is really a sex drive (and if sex can be considered a need). This presentation goes beyond the classic research, and includes the most up to date science on human sexuality, along with fascinating info from Emily Nagoski's best-selling book Come As You Are.

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The Zoo Inside You

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Modern life is often a war between needs and desires. We know we should make a healthy dinner. But we order take-out anyway. We calendar in a workout, but skip it when someone invites us to happy hour. But what if it didn’t always come down to needs vs. desires? What if we somehow got ourselves to a place where they became nearly the same thing? Monica Metz will discuss the mysterious microbiome within you, and why what you do and eat today will affect what you crave tomorrow.

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Food, Love, and Future

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Dayna McErlean has a unique voice within Portland’s vibrant food metropolis. As a founding member of Portland’s coveted restaurant community, McErlean is owner of eternally popular — fine dining, artfully hip and casual food spots DOC, Nonna Tavern and Yakuza. All distinct cinematic spaces known for amazing food. As a “non chef” owner with an extensive background in fine art, McErlean’s focus is on creating cinematic spaces that make patrons feel as though they are being transported to a distant time and place. It is no small feat that she has been able to do this working with some of Portland’s most innovative chefs cultivating some of the city’s most coveted yet accessible food.

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The Global 15%'s

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Once basic survival needs are met, an enriched wellness of all living beings can follow. This is the world we most desire to see. But half the human population still lives on less than $4 per day, and the bottom 15% subsists on $500 per year. If you're above the poverty line in America, you're among that other 15%, the wealthiest in the world by birth lottery. So, to create the world we desire most, shouldn't we first aspire to meet the basic needs of those most circumstancial trapped, and to do so as effectively as we can?  will explore those issues with you in this presentation.

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Rapper & Poet

@ VOL 23 ON JUN 13, 2017

Central Arkansas native Rasheed Jamal follows up with his new project, SANKOFA. A title that signifies learning from past mistakes and never forgetting where you come from. The anticipated project precedes the release of 22 Grams. An "extremely personal project that may never see the light of day" he explains. Good for him he has much to write about.   

Dayna McErlean
in Portland, OR
May Picard
in Portland, OR
Amory Jane
Sex Educator, She Bop in Portland
Logan Sullivan
Humanitarian Aid Worker, Advocate, Podcaster, Writer, Speaker in Portland, OR
Rodrigo Baena
Speaker, Happiness Coach, Portland Happiness Center in Portland, OR
Alexandra Becker-Black
Artist, Alexandra Becker-Black in Portland
Rasheed Jamal
in Portland, OR
Allison Specter
Writer & Development Director, Write Around Portland in Portland
lindsey freysinger
Student in Parkdale, OR
Monica Metz
Certified nutrition and health coach; healthy eating expert on More Good Day Oregon (Fox-12 Oregon) in Portland