“To really understand local needs, we didn’t come with answers but rather questions.”

Architect Jack DeBartolo and his father have been taking ordinary projects and turning them into extraordinary solutions. Their work has taken them all over the country, but also to the developing world. In "Understanding Architectural Needs in Liberia" from PKN Phoenix Vol. 1, we see that his efforts working in Liberian Africa with architectural students opened his eyes to a very different set of standards of construction and culture. 

PKN Phoenix in the News

PKN Phoenix in the News

Looks like Phoenix hosted another terrific PechaKucha Night (Vol. 2), if we're to go by this review of the event from the Phoenix New Times. We think they really get the description right:

The design-centric presentation event was less TED or Ignite (read: formal, high-tech) and more a hangout of designophiles talking about their current obsessions and future projects -- in 20 slides -- over beer, wine, and few appetizers.

According to organizer Jason Ayers, a beer run was even in order during the intermission to keep up, but luckily no one noticed. Jason also tells us that details for PKN Phoenix Vol. 3 will appear on the city page later this week.

Poster for PKN Phoenix Vol. 1

The very first PechaKucha Night in Phoenix was held just a few days ago, and here's a look a the beautiful -- and very loooong -- poster that was created for the event, designed by Mike Jones.

Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan

Our second presentation from Phoenix's "Global PechaKucha Night in Haiti" event is "Rebuilding after Katrina" by Mark Ryan, showing off what a group of motivated students can do. Also, please note that we've added presentation listings on each city's PechaKucha Night landing page, so you'll now be be able to find all online presentations from a particular PKN city that way as well.

Jack DeBartolo

We kick off this week's presentation highlights with a look at two presentations taken from the very first PechaKucha Night in Phoenix, as part of the February 20 "Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti" -- the first proper Vol. 1 will take place at the end of April. First up is Jack DeBartolo's "A Liberian Experience."

A great presentation about taking architectural learning out of the classroom into the field. From hyper theoretical thinking to hyper reality and real world projects -- and nowhere could more real world than Liberia.