Past Petaling Jaya Event: VOL 8

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March 14, 2019
We are excited to bring you a lineup of speakers from diverse fields, all presenting in a concise 20 slides x 20 seconds format! This session our diverse cast of speakers cover #podcasting #malayfilmmusic and many more!

When: 700 PM on Thurs, 14 Mar 2019
Can't make it? Check out PKPJ other PKPJ this year: 
26 Sept
We appreciate it if you could register individually.
Where: Co-labs The Starling, Staling Mall, Lot 4-401 & 4-402, Level 4
Who: We are inviting creatives of all fields to present projects and exchange ideas. PechaKucha has a global reputation for an eclectic mix of artists, activists, musicians, comedians, designers, architects, filmmakers, photographers, writers, mountaineers, et al coming together to make their PechaKucha presentations in a the concise 20 x 20 format.
What: Hear from speakers from diverse speakers from all walks of life, to be inspired by their projects
Eat Well: We provide dinner as part of your ticket

645pm: Registration and light dinner is served.
730pm: Pecha Kucha Presentations
900pm: Mingle

Speaker Line Up (presentation order may vary):
1. Ling Ling Tai, Culture SparksLeaders of Learning podcast #podcasting
2. Adil Johan, researcher on Malay film music
...and many more!
  • 645pm: Registration and light dinner is served.
  • 730pm: Pecha Kucha Presentations
  • 900pm: Mingle
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The Science of Learning How to Code

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

Chee Yim started Python workshop series in 2017 within WWCode KL community and tested different ways of teaching methods for 1 year. They found some interesting behaviour about how we learn coding and just maybe, there is something about the way we teach Computer Science in our educational system that contributes to the gender gap (there are some patterns being discussed by Robert C. Martin as well, an early programmer in the 70s.

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Intimacies of P. Ramlee's Film Music

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

Why do the films of P. Ramlee leave such a lasting impression on Malaysians' sense of national identity? The obvious answer is, his films and music were made during an intense period of nation-making known as the Independence Era. 

Dr Adil Johan, a research fellow at the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), The National University of Malaysia (UKM), argues that the lasting impact of P. Ramlee's music lies in the intimate themes and narratives that his songs express; intricately tying Malaysians (and Singaporeans) to an emotional and complex history of continuous self-actualization. 

People know him as the 'researching saxophonist'; by day, he researches anything to do with music, culture and society and by night, he makes music with Azmyl Yunor and Nadir. 

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From Nobody to Southeast Asia's Leading Podcaster

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

Ling Ling Tai is a seasoned learning and development professional. For over a decade, she has designed, delivered and implemented learning initiatives in 21 countries across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and USA for Global Fortune 100 companies.
She is also the podcast host for the Leaders of Learning, Southeast Asia's leading podcast show. In this talk, Ling Ling charted her journey from ordinary and lost to Southeast Asia's Leading Podcast Show called the Leaders of Learning in just 1 year. 
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The Making of a Private Cinema

@ VOL 8 ON MAR 14, 2019

Shen Thuu Tay and Jovy Low are friends who work together in advertising, an industry with the adage "if an idea sticks in your head till the next day and the day after, it's an idea worth keeping". And that was how AMENIC Film Space, a private cinema in Damansara, was born. Hear their story of what drives them, presented at PechaKucha Petaling Jaya vol. 8

Richard Azlan Abas
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Chee Yim Goh
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CherHan Lau
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Rozella Marie
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Jovy Low
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Adil Johan
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Shen Thuu Tay
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