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Sometimes you make something; sometimes you make it through something. For Volume 17 of PechaKucha Penticton we have versions of both. We’ve got speakers who make art, honey, or even a difference. And we’ve got those who have made their way through depression, the Canadian Death Race and other hurdles. In each their own way, every speaker on the bill has made it!

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Solving Drug-Related Crime with Compassion

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

Local RCMP Superintendent Ted De Jager takes a compassionate approach to solving petty drug-related crime in a small town, focusing on treating the root of the problem, not the symptoms.

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A Horse Named Honey

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

Sara Turner is a coffee roaster and horse lover. The coffee shop she co-founded   is named after the Mayan princess “Seis Cielo” whose bravery conquered kingdoms and reconnected the spiritual nature of her people back into the Mayan way of life. Sara embodies this spirit in everything she does, from roasting amazing coffee to enjoying every moment with her beloved horse, Honey. This is the inspiring story of how Honey has made her life sweeter, every step of the way.

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Growth Mindset: Updates For Your Brain

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

As we grow, we create patterns in our life and accommodate and assimilate information into our brains. Paul Mend taught high school psychology for 15 years, and he is passinate about neuroplasticity and the growth mindset. Here he talks about how we need to update our brains, just like we update the apps on our smartphones.  

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Sculpting a Vision for Artists to Make a Sustainable Living


Pat Field is a professional sculptor who works with marble, granite and wood to craft pieces that are inspired by nature and people. Here he shares his theory of how artists can sculpt a way to make a living and support conservation efforts overseas... by outsourcing strategically and respectfully. 

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Overcoming the Bumps Life Puts in Your Way

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

Hannah Hartman grew up in a small town outside Portland, Oregon, where she was run over by the homecoming float at school. Afer a brief stint in a wheelchair, she went on to work three jobs to pay her way through university, teach her way around the world, meet her husband in Romania, move to Nigeria, and adopt a child - an endeavour not without it's complications. Her story is an inspiration to us all.

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How to Feed a Climbing Addiction with a Camera

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

A photographer and film maker based in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, Dave Mai travels the world and focuses his lens on mountain climbing and the stories that surround it. His love for adventure, the outdoors and travel is clearly represented in his productions and lifestyle. For Pecha Kucha Penticton, he shares the tricks of the trade he's learned for the benefit of any photographer or film maker wanting to really get a grip. 

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How to Build a House Out of an Old Grocery Store

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

Geoff Orr is a custom home builder who had a crazy idea: to craft his dream home halfway up a mountain using the reclaimed beams from an old Super Value grocery store, in the valley far below. Wood you believe it? Fuego is one house all aspiring home builders have to checkout.

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Speedy the Evil Jungle Monkey

@ VOL 16 ON JUN 06, 2019

As a journalist for most of Canada’s major newspapers and magazines Tony Davis has been kidnapped, jailed, jumped speeding cars over ramps and through fire and interviewed everyone from the heads of major corporations to the leader of the Hell’s Angels. In his personal life, he’s usually boring as hell. Except when he's halfway across the world trying to tame an evil jungle monkey named Speedy.



PKN Poster Spotlight: Penticton

PechaKucha Night Pentiction wows us again with their tastefully cartoonish graphic poster in this week's PKN Poster Spotlight. Having held their most recent at Cannery Brewing, they have yet again shared Penticton's creative talents not only with their terrific line-up of presenters but with Vol. 11's poster design as well. Take a look at their past posters on their City event page here
For more amazing PechaKucha Posters, visit our PechaKucha Night Poster Tumblr Page

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About the City's Organizers

  • Tony Davis

    Tony is a freelance journalist who writes for Maclean's, the Globe and Mail, Canadian Business and other magazines, not including Play Boy. He has investigated a murder in Costa Rica, dived to the bottom of the Caribbean in a home-made submarine, and, perhaps most dangerously, used to drive a Russian made Lada.

  • Skyler Punnett

    Co-owner and art director at Super Deluxe creative, Skyler Punnett has over 15 years of experience in the visual arts. From animation, to illustration to brand development, his work bridges the gap between commercial and contemporary art.

  • David Warriner

    David Warriner smuggles words across language borders from his desk at Cowork Penticton. As a professional literary translator, he works with authors and publishers across North America and Europe to bring fresh new voices in French to English-speaking readers. David's translation of Quebec author Roxanne Bouchard’s We Were the Salt of the Sea was published by Orenda Books in London in 2018. He is currently translating French crime writer Johana Gustawsson's latest thriller, Blood Song, to be released later in 2019.

  • Christa Phillips

    Christa Phillips is a burgeoning voice-over performer with existing ties to Cowork Penticton and Peach Gravy Theatre Cooperative. She’s also a member of the Many Hats Theatre Cooperative and Theatre BC. She is delighted to be officially in place at the supreme network hub that is Cowork Penticton and is the initial face of the organization in the welcome department!

  • Crystal Henrickson

    I am a certified career and leadership coach who, in 2015, co-founded a location independent workplace coaching company called Talent Collective where we help people navigate their career journeys with an eye towards having a more fulfilling and functional work-life. Most days, I work with technology leaders, where I've opted to hone my language skills in the language of emotions. This year, she moved from an 800 square foot apartment in downtown Vancouver to an acre in Penticton to turn more of her work + life dream into reality.