Past Panjim Event: VOL 4

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May 03, 2019
@ casa happy dervish

Vol. 4 is all about the Architecture & Design talent of Goa. You'll be amazed by their stories about creating infrastructures while retaining the true essence of Goan history & culture.

Here is the list of our very own Goan gems in the field of Architecture & Design:

1. Wendell Rodricks -Designer, Writer, Activist
Ace fashion designer, writer, activist, Padmashree awardee and recipient of the French Knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters, he is considered one of the sculptors of the first India Fashion Week in 2000. An author of three books and contributing writer to over a dozen books, Rodricks has also written for magazines like Femina, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire. His work celebrates the state of Goa with all its culture.

2. Bhagyashree Patwardhan - Founder & Creative Director, Paper Boat Collective
After finishing her post-graduation from NID in 1998 and working in various fields of design for over 15 years, from heading a product design studio to managing the visual merchandising for a retail chain, running her own design company and directing the art for two sound and light museums, Bhagyashree Patwardhan ostensibly had and did it all. The need to do something different led to the foundation of ‘Paper Boat Collective’, a one of a kind concept lifestyle store, showcasing diverse handmade products that portray a contemporary and responsible India.

3. Ayaz Basrai-Co-Founder, The Busride Studio & Busride Lab
Co-founder of The Busride Studio, Ayaz Basrai studied Industrial Design at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. Known for his innovative design approach and out-of-the-box solutions, Ayaz specialises in hospitality, commerical and institutional projects. The Goa-based design studio prides itself in creating a set of longer iterative experiments in larger ideas and this approach has been extensively appreciated across all their projects.

4. Poonam Verma Mascarenhas - Architect & Conservationist
Poonam’s work life began at Auroville, using alternative technologies. A Charles Wallace Fellow, she was consultant to INTACH Jaipur for conservation of 22 listed sites comprising stepped well, gates, temples, fort walls, cenotaphs, reservoirs and designing Heritage Walks at Jaipur- Amber under ADB funded RUIDP projects (2001-4). Her Goa-based studio Archinova_Environs has revitalised numerous Goan heritage homes.

5. Avik Sarkar -Industrial Designer
Avik Sarkar, an Industrial designer by profession and an optimist at heart, established Ethos-Learning by design, a consulting practice focussed on making the journey of learning more efficient, effective and enjoyable by designing products, spaces and the interactions which take place within them. Moving to Goa 25 years later, along with partners, he created Thinkering a place for learning Critical Thinking through making, for students of all ages.

6. Hyacinth Pinto - Architect
Architect with over 30 years of practise in the field of cost effective sustainable architecture and design. Have been advocating rammed earth construction ever since i started practise, and am happy to have had the opportunity to construct 4 rammed earth homes in Goa to date, and a prototype cottage in Madhya Pradesh, which is being replicated by the Project Management

7. Tallulah Dsilva - Architect
That Tallulah D’Silva has won several awards for her work and even been a speaker for a TEDx event fades in comparison to her other achievements as a passionate environmentalist and architect — and a catalyst for change. From working on initiatives such as the ‘Kids for Tigers’ project, Global Shapers; powering urban interventions such as NoMoZo, Black Spot Fixes and, now, the Travelling Dome; to even developing ecological projects such as the EcoLoo and bio-remediation systems, D’Silva’s life as an architect is as unique as it gets.

8. Mukund Athale -Architect & Design Entrepreneur
An architect and design entrepreneur, Mukund Athale is always open to new adventures and projects that connect him with different people, places and cultures. He is in the process of setting up collaborative initiatives from Goa.

9. Devika Martins-Renovation Specialist
As a renovation specialist, I’m trying to convince the Goan community not to underestimate the binding power of lime plaster. After working in Europe and studying in Florence, Italy; I decided to move back to my hometown to try and restore as many old, Goan houses as possible. I try and conserve resources by utilising original wood beams, doors and flooring to keep historic characteristics alive in your home!

10. Ruturaj Parikh - Architect and Director-Matter
Ruturaj Parikh is Founder and Director at MATTER - an architecture, design and publishing firm based in Goa that he co-founded with Maanasi Hattangadi in 2014. He was editor at Indian Architect & Builder Magazine and curator of three editions of the 361 Degrees conference.Ruturaj has served as the Director at Charles Correa Foundation where he led social projects and public forum initiatives. His firm Matter works in the interface between architecture and content consistently experimenting with new ways of engaging with the built environment.

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