Past Ottawa Event: VOL 11

Large wide pkn  5.1 street occupation

VOL 11

October 02, 2014
@ Knox Church

Artists, architects, and designers play an important role in revealing unseen aspects of cities, often providing new insights into how our cities function and develop. 

This edition of Pecha Kucha features a selection of the city's creatives whose projects explore both the visible and invisible aspects of our contemporary urban environments. 


- Andrew Reeves - Linebox
- Jeff Salmon - yowLAB/Impromptu Playground
- Ryan Stec - Artengine
- James Hayes - Carleton University (Digital fabrication)
- Dan Monafu & Susan Johnston - Ottawa (de)tours
- Sean McAdam - Hendrick Farm
- Manjit Basi - Citizens Academy 
- Louise Lalande - coCREATIONS Lighting Design Inc.
- Emma Cochrane - Jackpine
- Jason Cobill - Tech-Assisted Graffiti

No presenters have been added to this event.