Past Orlando Event: VOL 10

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VOL 10

May 16, 2013
@ Orlando Shakespeare Theater


[Note that seats are limited and must be purchased online, or at the box office.]

Thursday, May 16 @ 6 p.m.
Sunday, May 19 @ 12:45 p.m.
Thursday, May 23 @ 9:15 p.m.
Sunday, May 26 @ 8:30 p.m.

This will be the 10th edition of PechaKucha in Orlando. In keeping with tradition, v10 will feature our All Stars: a lineup of past speakers from our events over the past three years, returning to give encore performances of their original pechakuchas -- or in some cases, entirely new presentations! Each of our four performances will feature an entirely different set of presenters, so feel free to attend all four!

What's not traditional is that for the first time, PechaKucha Orlando will be part of the 22nd Annual Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival. The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe Festival in the United States, celebrating 21 years as "Orlando’s most unique cultural experience."

The Fringe takes place May 15th–28 in Loch Haven Park and adjacent theaters. PechaKucha v10 will be held in the Goldman Theater (Yellow Venue) within the John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center.


Thursday, May 16 @ 6 pm
1.    Eddie Selover: PechaKucha 101
2.    Paul Joachim: Out of the Box Cake
3.    Leonard Feinberg: Architecture Outside the Box
4.    Steve Bryan: Fortune 500 Corporate Behemoth vs. Non-Profit
5.    Stephanie Veraghen: The Lies We Tell Ourselves
6.    David Alecock: From Cracked Heart to Open Heart
7.    Tisse Haven: The Now of Happy

Sunday, May 19 @ 12:45 pm
1.    Robyn Martin: What the Heck is Rolfing?
2.    Suzanna Kaye: A Story of Stuff
3.    Keyvan Acosta: Entropyctures
4.    Ian and Adam Cole: Making Our Community
5.    Eliza Harris: Naked Streets
6.    Karen E. Williams: Eat Green, Eat Clean
7.    Amy and Nathan Selikoff: Through Heat and Storm: Our 1000 Mile Bicycle Tour

Thursday, May 23 @ 9:15 pm
1.    José Fajardo: Clap Your Hands Everybody
2.    Alex Rappattoni: The History of the Latex Professional
3.    Andrew Schaefer: Who’s Afraid of the IRS?
4.    Ryan Price: The Father of the Modern Spy
5.    Dick Wilson: The Dick Museum
6.    Bill Keevan: Around the Bases
7.    Cole NeSmith: Building a Creative Community

Sunday, May 26 @ 8:30 pm
1.    Dustin Clingman: Big Guy Tris
2.    Carl Hildebrand: The Wolfsonian – FIU, Museum of Thinkism
3.    Evan Miga: The Most Interesting Person I Know
4.    Jesse Bradley: Celebrating our Failures
5.    Mia Mom: Mermaiding
6.    Howard Mall: 20 Ideas You Can Steal
7.    Carol Cox: What I Learned in the Sacred Valley of Peru


Learn about the Fringe Festival:

Stephanie Veraghen
Founder, Stephanie Veraghen International in Orlando
Evan Miga
Graphic Design, in Orlando
Mia Mom
Information Technology & Mermaid in Orlando
J. Bradley
Writer in Orlando
José Fajardo
President & General Manager, Hawaii Public Radio in Honolulu