Via Eddie Selover:

"Last night, a special “Powered by PechaKucha” event was help at the Orlando Science Center. Over 400 people came to two sold-out shows to watch seven presenters talk about the wonders of space exploration, the benefits of yoga, about juggling, puns, theme park design, the future of brain research, and the beautiful effects of music on the brain. As always, the crowd was enthusiastic and the laughter and applause for this event went on and on.

At the same time, only four miles away, other Orlando people were dancing and celebrating at the city’s Pulse nightclub. This following morning we learned that 50 of them had been senselessly killed, in the worst mass shooting in American history. A lone gunman, motivated solely by hate, was able to spread fear and grief and sadness among thousands of people. We are feeling that grief right now, and struggling to find answers. But we will find them—as we always do—in our connection with each other, in our shared humanity, in the love in our hearts. Love is stronger than hate; love will always win out over hate.

We've read comments that Orlando is now “home” to this latest record-breaking atrocity. That’s wrong. Orlando is home to millions of wonderful people, home to a thriving arts community, home to a renaissance of culture and inclusivity. That’s what it was yesterday, and that’s what it will still be tomorrow."