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One Photograph

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 12, 2016

"My favorite photo is the one I have yet to take... but really all of my photos are my favorite."

Kara Choate, and her husband, Jeremy, are the team behind Choate House. After first meeting in art school, they've been together ever since and love being parents to their three awesome kids. Originating from a huge love for art, Kara is passionate about documenting personal stories & advertising projects through photography and motion films.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 12th, 2017. 

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A Love Story

@ VOL 5 ON OCT 12, 2016

From classic rock to community engagement, Jonathan Fowler has followed his passion for music to places unexpected. 

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@ VOL 5 ON OCT 12, 2016

A story of growing up in dual cultures in a 1st generation immigrant family, about the passing down of a family tradition of making homemade flour tortillas, and how it has repeatedly shown up in Chris Castro’s life.

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Fund Education NOW

@ VOL 3 ON AUG 06, 2015

OKC teacher, James Cooper, discusses the intersection between public transportation, public education, and jobs. For five years after graduate school, Cooper taught as an adjunct college professor, where he discovered a world of adjuncts teaching across multiple campuses and living on low wages, carrying considerable student loan debt and working with no health or retirement benefits. Today, he teaches as a middle school teacher and serves as a trustee on OKC's Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority.

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PLENTY Mercantile

@ VOL 1 ON SEP 25, 2014

Brittney Matlock shares on the lifestyle shop and event venue that she founded in her hometown of Oklahoma City. What began as a big idea to create a retail space that also was an event venue and held community workshops soon came to be called PLENTY Mercantile, located in historic Automobile Alley of the downtown district. Brittney's main role at PLENTY is to rally goods that celebrate origin, process and authenticity and secure one-of-a-kind finds to further the economic circle required to push sustainable retail practices at large.

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Making Movies in Oklahoma

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 12, 2015

After working on Oscar winning movie Million Dollar BabyLance McDaniel moved back to Oklahoma to launch his film career and help grow the film community in Oklahoma. This presentation details Lance's wild journey from assisting on low budget horror films to writing and directing successful family comedies. And, he explains how Oklahoma City's deadCenter Film Festival serves as the hub of the now thriving film industry in Oklahoma. 

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Karaoke Anyone?

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 12, 2015

Audrey Johnston makes a case for attending live shows. Johnston has been a performing artist in Oklahoma City for over 9 years. Attendance to live shows during this digital age has become a challenge. At the same time, it underscores its validity and necessity in our community. And so, using the art of karaoke, she presents with the hopes of encouraging people to be live audience members more often.

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Face to Facetime

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

Stephen Kovash explains why he turned off all social media platforms as well as other forms of electronic entertainment in order to have face to "facetime" with other human beings.  He hopes this presentation encourages others to turn off their phones and talk in person.

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Oklahoma Children's Theatre

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

With dramatic cuts to education and arts education funding across her home state of Oklahoma, Lyn Adams is passionate about providing access to creative theatre arts opportunities for all children. The mission of the Children’s Theatre mission is to provide extraordinary live theatre and interactive educational experiences for young audiences as well as inspiring young people to visualize their potential, enhancing family relationships, and investing in the future of their communities, could not be more significant to Oklahoma’s youngest citizens.

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Poverty and Placement - Race and Reconciliation

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

While giving up his car for 18 months, Jonathan Dodson noticed barriers within the built environment that keep individuals of different demographics from interacting. This realization led to a study of OKC's approach to race and real estate.

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Drawing Inspiration

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

"I imagine ... how the mechanical world and the natural world might merge together."

In Drawing Inspiration from PechaKucha Night Oklahoma City Vol. 4, Adam Lanman shares his drawings and explains how he can imagine the natural world functioning in mechanical ways. Throughout years of studying the poetics of the built environment, Lanman has created a massive collection of drawings, methods and subjects. Lanman’s presentation illuminates a series of works exploring the space between fine art and applied art. With his artistic pursuits, Lanman hopes to renew public interest in the mundanity of surroundings that they take for granted while keeping in mind a simple but powerful thesis: if we want to change the places we live, we must first change the way we see.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, August, 15th 2016.

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Prescription Drugs : Pay or Die

@ VOL 4 ON OCT 29, 2015

Juliana Keeping is an Oklahoma City-based mom and journalist. Her son Eli, 3, has cystic fibrosis, a rare and fatal genetic lung illness. Juliana speaks out against U.S. drug price insanity after her insurer denied an expensive drug that could have helped to protect her son’s lungs.