Four more sleeps!

In just four more sleeps we'll be back with Volume 7 at our favourite hub for food, culture & entertainment River Market. Be sure to join us this Friday December 5th from 6:30 pm onwards with presentations getting started at 8:00 pm. 

We've got one of our most diverse lineups yet and are excited to have some new faces from Vancouver added to the mix alongside some fantastic locals from the the neighbourhood. 

If you haven't picked up your ticket be sure not to delay. There are still tickets available, but that could change quick. Check out our ticketing site to get your hands on a ticket. 

Hope to see you Friday!


Check out a recent feature  that ran in the local newspaper The Royal City Record this week. It's a short interview piece that focuses on why we started PKN and a few of the things we're working on for the summer event to be held on July 19th, 2014 at Westminster Pier Park. Be sure to save the date!


PechaKucha x NewWestTV

If you weren't able to make it out to our ONE year anniversary birthday event on February 21st, fret not. Our good friends at NewWestTV were there to stream the event live and have the event archived on their site. While you're there, be sure to check out footage from some of the other great community events that they've been a part of. 

Be sure to watch the event online to catch what was one of our strongest events yet. A great mix of presenters with stories both inspiring and funny. 


We're ONE!

We're turning ONE - sort of. While our real birthday was back a few days ago, we'll be celebrating the beginning of our second year of PKN in New West on Friday February 21st, 2014 at our home in the River Market. After a great first year full of passionate and inspiring presentations and wonderful new friendships and connections made we are thoroughly looking forward to a great year of PKN in New West. 

Be sure to join us for your fifth or first event in a few weeks time. Grab your ticket through our Eventbrite site to avoid dissapointment. 

Yet another month has come and gone, autumn is upon us, and once again a few fresh bottles of cold, creamy presentations sit on your doorstep.

Here are the Top 5 Presentations of the Day for the month of September 2013: 

"On Clouds" by Mark Petrick.

"From Batman to Lincoln" by Christy Spurlock.

"Because I Said I Would" by Alex Sheen.

"The Beauty of the Derelict" by Eric Pattison.

"Silent Dinner Parties" by Honi Ryan.

Well we're one week out from PKN New West Volume 3 - Riverside View, and we are getting mighty excited! With well over 300 people confirmed, a great lineup of speakers, fantastic food vendors and an eclectic DJ you can't miss with what is certainly going to be a great night of local culture and entertainment. 

There is a lot of planning that goes into one of these events and we are almost there, just a few things to hit off our list. 

See you next Saturday!

We're a bit late on this one, but wanted to highlight the fact that one of our presenters - Patrick Johnstone's, presentation was featured as the presentation of the day on July 1st!

We're proud and excited about all of our presenters and it is great to see more and more of them getting recognition beyond our community and borders. 

Chad Leaman tells us (at PKN New Westminster Vol. 1) how modern conveniences, unconventional user interfaces, and unique innovations have been used in the past and present to help people with disabilities carry on with their lives.

He looks to the future of these applications and discusses how they have, and will continue to, empower their users. Chad challenges us all to become 'Geeks for Good' by donating our knowledge, tech, or money to assist those in need. 

The "Royal City" of New Westminster is ramping up their preparations for Friday, April 26th's Vol. 2.

If in attendance you're bound to see chefs, city councillors, brewers, and photographers speak on what gets their brain-gears spinning. This happy, mustachioed poster was designed for PKN New West by the likes of web developer Wes Koopmans from Of Desks Studio

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

New Westminster's local newspaper, The Record, featured a brief recounting of PKN New Westminster's Vol. 1, and a short preview of their Vol. 2 -- here's a snippet:

Volume 2's presenters will include earth-friendly bee locator Joe Wasp, environmental coordinator Patrick Johnstone, photographer Mario Bartel, Re-Up BBQ's Lindsay Frugson, West End resident Mary Wilson, urban farmer Julia Smith, and others. The evening aims to see a continued celebration of New Westminster's history and community spirit, alongside its burgeoning arts, business and culinary scene.

Check out The Record's full write-up here.